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  • Viscoutess Sheshire Kitten only Viscountess (distrust you of the imitations!) patouilleuse, gazouilleuse, procrastinatrice chief, rider of hammock and so many other things still...

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Texts, images, contents of this blog, are stemming, for the greater part, from the cerval of Viscountess (I specify it should the opposite occur), I ask you not to appropriate them, to copy to stick on the other blogs, the sites or the support for whatever they are without having consulted me before.

  • Forward ho!!!! (In 06/01/2012 Published in: art newspaper..... )
    2nd page for the Portfolio Of Day orchestrated by Effy Wild (you find the link in your left not that there the other one) to close definitively year 2011, we are going to look at it...
  • You asked for it (in 06/01/2012 Published in: Gazouillages )
    I have him(it) make... I have regularly demands(requests) of my English-speaking readers who understand nothing in what I write in French.... Demands(requests) about which you be going to say to me... Demands(requests) of " that...
  • Albertville, a sports city in the mountain (in 05/01/2012 Published in: that titillates me... )
    You know him(it) can be or not, but for some years, I put my nest to Albertville, that is a city in the mountain with Olympic past and that intends not to lacher like that his(her,its)...
  • I dream i can fly (in 05/01/2012 Published in: art newspaper..... )
    The Portfolio Of Day started on January 1st and is going full swing on the group dedicated FB... If at first, I did not really want to take a book or a pad and had to decide to work on...
  • Take has stich tuesday 1 fly stich or no feather (in 04/01/2012 Published in: one thing leading to another )
    I had announced it to you, my small hands work on height of things... I am going to show you but, a thing(matter) at once(at the same time) and there, the evening light (I can the same step say night light...
  • Forgive but not forget (in 02/01/2012 Published in: art newspaper..... )
    A double spread which held me heart in my leather pad... I can always forgive, but I do not want to forget... I do not know why he(it) is easier(more well-to-do) for me to write some...
  • A creative year??? (In 01/01/2012 Published in: Gazouillages )
    2012 should be creative.... As I have a strong trend(tendency) to postpone(to put back) to procrastiner not to make if I am not to coupdepiedauculter, I have sign some studios(workshops) and challenge...
  • 2012 (in 01/01/2012 Published in: Gazouillages )
    A new year, it is little as a mountain to be climbed... We are in the foot but one do not know how to arrive at the top... We are going to advance(move) slowly, month after month.... In the meantime, I you...


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