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Thursday, January 5th, 2012 4 05 /01 / Jan /2012 10:34

The Portfolio Of Day started on January 1st and is going full swing on the group dedicated FB...

If at first, I did not really want to take a book or a pad and had to decide to work on loose leaves to be then connected(bound), I changed idea when I remembered a book which I had begun to distort(alter) by 2005 for a project which was never born...

The cover(blanket) is already well worked with a cut window but I would end it only once the ended book.

It is a big book... A book of company of the time(weather) when my husband worked for a hypermarket which begins and finished by clerk as which, everything can serve...

I do not know in which direction(management) is going to leave this book, we shall see as one goes along...

Here is thus the first double spread, a kind of introduction...01 1015

Zetty style without really the being....

01 1016

With things of Me which I like, my red hair and my inverted red glasses.

For the continuation(suite), we are going to forge ahead....

My English spoken friends asked for it you can now read this comment in english, translate by Flavius Reverso. Of It has automatic translator, so the translation is not so good.... However, i can comment-edit the translation and correct it i doh my best to doh it, please, please, feel free to email me to give has better translation... Anything i can have to improve this translation is welcome... Thank you very much

You can find the comment in English here

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