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Friday, January 6th, 2012 5 06 /01 / Jan /2012 10:12

I have him(it) make...

I have regularly demands(requests) of my English-speaking readers who understand nothing in what I write in French....

Demands(Requests) about which you be going to say to me...

Demands(Requests) of " that would be good that your blog is also write in English so that we understand your delicious prose and what we too burst as patients by reading to you "...


And then, Mister Over-blog who is as everyone knows, somebody brilliant and of very kind proposes us for some time a small tool in partnership with Mister Flavius Reverso, to translate automatically our blogs....

It is here...

It is just enough to create its account, to enter the link of the comment to be translated and the 1 hour later, you can add a link with a beautiful a little bit rickety translation at the end of your article (or somewhere else, it is you who chosen!)

It is an automatic translator thus the translation is not brilliant, I asked for the opinion(notice) of English-speaking friends who have me say " listening, it is little " goofy " the translation, but it's better than nothing, vazy, made crack the link "...

What I have make on the article here

And at the same time, I threw(launched) a bottle in the sea...

We can comment publish(edit) (in French in the text) the translations to correct them it is not bad, I find... I have him(it) make, but if I manage enough well in English to read, understand(include) and hold a not too much complicated conversation, I have all the same difficulties to correct everything so that everything likes very up....

I thus invite you, you, Reader who speaks English since is you baby or who has a great level of the death which kills, to click my links to correct of possible bancalités and to allow me to have something which holds the road...

Wholeheartedly, I thank you....

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