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Between 20 and 25....

Monday, October 13th, 2008 1 13 /10 / Oct /2008 10:36

Yes, I know some people will say, it is not very a lot.....
But it is necessary to have quite elements in hand...
1 cms around the tin
2 cms around thighs
0,4 % of fat mass

In conclusion, the first month, in spite of its appearance is not negative that does not go fast, certe... BUT, I lose of the fat mass and not the muscle and it is what what is important....
We continue on the same base and I have a formal ban on my dietitian to weigh myself during all month, the disordered balance which yoyote and pushes(depresses) me, it is not good for what I have!!!!!
By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: between 20 and 25....
A tit gazouillage???
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Monday, September 22nd, 2008 1 22 /09 / frog /2008 10:44

By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: between 20 and 25....
A tit gazouillage???
- See the chirpings
Thursday, September 18th, 2008 4 18 /09 / frog /2008 17:38
You believe ................ that I give you the hour????? My age??????
Well, no neither of them.....
I give you the verdict of the dietitian after my first weighing on Friday last .......
Between 20 and 25 kilos to be lost in ........
I have make oops, I looked at my sheet(leaf) of menu and then I cried finished the honey and the jam in the breakfast in ........

Well, at the same time, I knew him(it) that some day, the chopper would beat(come) down on my small plump rolls it has been one moment since I provoke the fate by nibbling here and there of youngs boils with chocolate, with licorice a small cake by this, a small small dish of ice(mirror,ice cream) there ...... the whole accumulating on zones most sensitive(perceptible) and already stuffed by my anatomy of already round ......

All summer, my lumbar vertebrae and my feet shouted " in the help ", implored on the knees to me to stop any gargantuan activities under punishments(efforts) of severe reprisals, and all summer, me said to them " zig zig zig euh it is me who décideuh, it is me who mangeuh in ....... " in .......... They answered me " it is you who grossiiiiii-euh tralalèreuh!!!! "

I eventually listened to them. Not so because I believed that they were right, but rather because when I walk(work), I cry for pain, my feet and my back do not carry(wear) any more my body and in more quite my clothes shrank.....

Well, it is not so difficult but the pill is bitter all the same I just have to learn again to eat correctly, thing(matter) that I totally forgot since ......... ppppffffffff ...... one moment, to move a little more also, thing(matter) that I make the least possible (needs to say that I am not helped my sofas are hyper comfortable and very welcoming, I like(love) them in .......)

As I want a result(profit) in the long term, I am going to make quiet things, I have fill up fruits and vegetables, I rereleased my cookbooks and I stop eating when I am more hungry ...... And then I am going to return to the gymnasium, there where I sweated all that I could 2 years ago, to lose some rolls which I resumed(took back) in .......

Hey if that finds, after that, I would be in better forms ......

By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: between 20 and 25....
A tit gazouillage??? - See the chirpings


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