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Absolute happiness

Thursday, December 8th, 2011 4 08 /12 / December /2011 21:08

If, yes....

Everything the years, I have one year more and this year, that still arrived at me!


And even not bad in more!

Thus, I had my Dad and my Mom preferred all the vikende and that it was cool

And then on Sundays, I had my tifrère and my tites sisters....

With their children and the darlings, wives coughed coughed....

And that it was cool also!!!!

( If you want to know how it was cool, goes to see(visits) here!!!)

We ate heights of gateaux and I had bocados (there really, I had a tite envellope to buy to myself a grocadal or a height of ticados! What I have make)


Quite my cados (thank you my soeuuuurs, I love you too < 3 so yes!!!)

Among others, you find...

A flavor(perfume) which smells good because I like flavors(perfumes) and moreover, I would make for you an attractive article there above one day....

And then the alboum magnificent of Benjamin Lacombe, taken(brought) out to October and which is called " the herbarium of the fairies " and it is just a magnificent book, a magnificent jewel which I recommend you warmly!!!!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: absolute Happiness
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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 3 06 /10 / Oct /2010 20:10

Then, here is... Last Friday, my friend Joëlle, caught me in the small muscular arms, propped up me in an armchair of her car and we left to the viiiiiille big!!!! Siiiiiii!!!! In Lyon.... It is big Lyoooon... More than Albertville eh!!! Well Ok, I stop(arrest)! { Joëlle}

In brief, adds us parties in Lyon in the lounge(show) id Creative. I I like these lounges(shows) there so yes... Even if when paid you the entrance(entry) has you more sous to spend inside how's that, I am nasty... No!!! Realist... We like going there but needs to pay to enter to be able to buy! Brief voucher.... I am not there to grumble but on the contrary to make you share my delight in the entrance(entry) of the lounge(show)...

Parceque in the entrance(entry) of the lounge(show), there was a main staircase which came down(fell) (ouiiii, a staircase which did not rise, it went downward) and above this staircase floated a spectacular of paper created by the mimines girls of a young artist, Laetitia Mieral. She(it) gave studios(workshops) during the lounge(show), we not did not make it we knew not but we think that we shall be made a small workshop(studio) with her some day because really but really...

Z' have that to look!!!!

010 9411A

I know not you but there, I would indeed say The Princess in the small pea...

010 9412A

King Grenouille

010 9403A

An oursonne? Mom She-bear???

010 9407A

A big person(main part) Corcodile who frightens but who is too beautiful...

Z' saw as he(it) looks you of quoted(esteemed) like that, although it doesn't seem like it, me at you ais not seen but I watch you, tontion!!!


010 9414A

The cute, the attractive Unicorn!!!!

010 9418A

A little closer???

Magnificent is - it not???

I, chui lover, it is everything!!!!!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: absolute Happiness - Community: the Circle of the perfect Boatmen
A tit gazouillage???
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Monday, June 1st, 2009 1 01 /06 / June /2009 12:15
Maybe you remember you there.... I spoke to you many a time about this wonderful weekend of November, 2008 with my Big and beautiful Goddess. On Saturdays evenings, we were invited to a show(entertainment) which, besides
My Big and beautiful Goddess, presented, some French artists, dancers of tribal ...... In the time(period) I had cracked(failed) on this girl...

Its 2 choreographies, its music choices, its suit(costume), the way it dances, his(her) charisma, its fluidity(flow) and its grace(favor) had drawn my attention.... I had learnt that how I, she(it) was native of Valencia, that she(it) gave it courses(prices) (I had quickly informed my younger sister!!!! I, regrettably I was too far!), we had discussed a little.... I had found very moving his(her,its) almost shyness, its modesty after the service(performance) which it had just made on stage... She(it) took the compliments shyly, as if she thought of not deserving them....

Following this training course, she(it) goes(takes) up with Elodie, the Company Djinn Circus. Company invited by Fanyda in January, for a show(entertainment) to Albertville. Very happy to be able to find them (Elodie is also an adorable, funny and very talented girl) I accommodate them for night, not without having attended before their service(performance) as well as that of the troop of Fanyda. All, each in the style, dazzle me and amaze me.... Soloes are magnificent but in duet, it is downright magic.... They complement each other perfectly and their complicity is evident.... (On this matter, do not miss them if one day, they occur at home!!!). After the representation, the evening ends at home, with a deserved meal (héhé, we do not laugh here, no dazzle, no meal!!!!) And madmen-laughter not to finish it any more. The current passes well, I am delighted, I like them..... They call me "a coach" to have fun... Maybe that my quoted(esteemed) "Mom" too much stood out(went out again) this evening there (ben voui, I have the age to be their mother as who, the ditch of the generations ......)

Last month, I saw again(revised) Déborah. Invited to St Jean de Maurienne (always by Fanyda), she(it) meant sleeping at home (without being afraid of the pheasant hidden since her(its) coming and that of Elodie private joke, the interested will include!!!!). It is with the big pleasure that I was able to find her(it), to find its fraicheur, its nature. An evening to chat girls' things(tricks), bétises also and the next day, I let her(it) with the station leave(restart).

It is on Saturday when she(it) returned.... Invited by Fantasia for their show(entertainment) of the end of year.... Hidden in the public, I admired her(it) on the first disconcerting choreography many but what personally I liked.... Many are still embarrassed by this by-product of the oriental dance that is the tribal and for stronger reason tribal fusion(merger) but, it is for me one of the highly-rated that I prefer. A small cuckoo in the break(interlude) (not, a big cuckoo!!!! I admit!) and the 2nd service(performance)..... On a music of Goran Bregovich, a more comic, very successful choreography (I admit, I am little lachée in the cheers, how not to make him(it)????). Reunion at the end of show(entertainment), at the house was a real happiness.... Having imperatives the next day, we have dût to limit ourselves in our chatting and it is at about 3:30 am when we have to find our beds. I have of let her(it) leave, not without sadness, yesterday morning a few hours furthermore would really have pleased me..... We shall see again each other(revise each other)... I continue to follow her(it) in my small place(toilet) of Savoy..... But in the meantime, hold(retain) his(her,its) first name Déborah.... I am sure that she(it) will not delay giving way among the big very quickly ...... I am extrèmement proud and happy to count her(it) among my friends...

2 videos (with his(her,its) authorization) so that you can estimate(appreciate) him(it) a little

Solo, in Valencia..... The camera is not very well placed but you can estimate(appreciate) all the same the service(performance)

Always in Valencia, Djinn Circus, the duet of Albertville became a trio.... A choreography in 2 left of which one on a Balkan music (I am a fan, I like(love), that I say I like the Balkan music!!!!). The maintaining game(set,play) consists in finding Elodie

Kisses in all 2 my beautiful, I like you sincerely, you have a beautiful future which opens in you turn darker(rush) in .......

Ooooops, I forgot a peit tour(ballot) to her, it is Here!

By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: absolute Happiness
A tit gazouillage???
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Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 3 01 /04 / April /2009 22:37
Paf that she(it) my said Glycé, maintaining, chui any poissonnée of everywhere.....
My vengeance is going to be terrible you, I go away z' in my tour(ballot) poissonner a lot of people of everywhere, me finally tremble, mortal poor men in ........

Already, my beloved Glygly, re-paf, I repoissonne you return to sender nanméo!!!!

And then my Dad, parceque it is not everything the days when we can poissonner his(her) Dad and then he(it) so has for it to fish and I was grateful(inescapable) to eat them then, hold another fish....

Euh, I am going to take advantage of it for poissonner my offspring, my daughter preferred to me parceque who likes chatie indeed ......

And then my friend Pascale, "With the fingertips" of the bottom(stocking) of the street (if you z' go to Albertville, to go to make him(her) cuckoo, his(her) small store it is an appearance(mine) and in more it is my friend then), just like that, for the pleasure! { Pascale}

Then, I go poissonneeeeeer euuuuuh (see as I hesitate hardly) Lilibuuuuuulle, parcequ' she(it) is well worth him(it)!!!!!

And then, I cannot miss Joëlle, my NSP, paf to you too holds(likes).....

And I take advantage of it for poissonner my kind and adorable Peaceful, parceque I like(love) her(it) too hardly....

And then Lila Fanfreluche parceque this scamp wanted a MK of April and that she too much frightened us paf yesterday, poissonnée also.....

And to finish I go poissonner Patrice, just man for the pleasure, and then that he is not right there that to part Banyan, there are only girls to be poissonner and that will give you in more the opportunity(occasion) to discover its blog of scrap and of photos.....

And then you who pass there, you do not see me, but me so then PAF, you are too poissonnés!!!!!!

By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: absolute Happiness
A tit gazouillage???
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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 4 22 /01 / Jan /2009 15:36

I repeat maybe???? You knew him(it) that I had gone out yesterday evening???? Vouiiiiii???? But you do not know how it was..... ( I found smileys.... Christine satisfies ougah!!!!)

How to say to you euuuuuuh it was as on Dividi in 150 000 times better!!!! I really liked.... Claire Diterzi has just crossed(spent) in the extrèmement row(rank) enviable of my singer I spoil of moment and it for a moment believe.... Well already, the alboum, I really had flashé too too too well and texts full of humor and coquinerie as I like(love).... Dividi had shown me highly-rated a little moved not to say removed by the lady....

But yesterday soiiiiiiiiir!!!!!!! Yesterday evening sirs, Ladies, that was a fireworks brilliant supercallifragillistiquement of the death which kills and everything and everything!!!! Vétue of his(her,its) dress in false bastard(cow skin) (I believe the real bastard(cow skin), that must be heavy to carry(wear) all the same!), her(its) shoes of bimbo in feet, she(it) sings, change(jump), turn, makes of the humor without the same hang, quite in balance... Behind, on a screen, vidios illustrates songs but I do not want to look at them parceque otherwise, I risk not to see what takes place on the scene(stage) nevertheless, for the absent-minded looks which I give, z' look haughtiness and this voice(vote) ouch ouch ouch ...... magnificent, that I say supercallifragillistic expialidocioucement beautiful which goes and which comes without asking for anything to anybody, as if it was great dead easy and same in capella and even without microphone(microcomputing) in more siiiiiiiiiiiii.....

The chorus-singers are not outdone, they have a magnificent voice(vote) all 2 (each the voice(vote) all the same) and are not relegated at the end of the end of the bottom of the room. They are an integral part of the show(entertainment), one see them, they go and come on the scene(stage), sometimes, one of her comes in front of and "spade"("pike","lance") the star(speedboat) to the hanging star(speedboat) 30s.... The star(speedboat) who plays with her musicians by continuing to sing who plays in bimbo and passes of 4 legs on the knees to become the old singer (aaaaah, this old singer, I believe that it is my preferred I hesitate between the laughter and the tears, she(it) is so poignant and moving) with an ease which leaves me ppppfffffffffffffffff.....

Too fast crossed(spent) 1:30 am of show(entertainment), we ask for more of it, it returns 1 time, twice and almost third time with his(her) girl limps musical, then 3 small tours(ballots), she goes away I would have stayed well one hour more stays in me my CDs which I listen to in buckle (bag, that makes 15 day / 3semaines that it passes in buckle on my deck sometimes, it leaves the place(square) with Bratsch or with Dr Who but it always(always eventually returns,always eventually means))

If you did not make him(it), I invite you to discover her(it) here and there you can discover some songs, his(her,its) voice(vote) and knowledge so tomorrow, it will not at home be parceque openly(frankly) go to see her(it) there, it is too good Claire Diterzi { There}
By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: absolute Happiness
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Monday, November 3rd, 2008 1 03 /11 / Nov /2008 10:38
Here we are, too fast crossed(spent) this weekend... That to say that I already have say????
I met her(it), I spoke to him(her), I followed his(her) studios(workshops), I have it ch.é but it was good....
Sharon is definitively for me, a goddess lowered(gone down) among the mortal to illuminate their souls and their hearts. The impression(printing) that it had left with me after the show(entertainment) of Aix lès baths was not misleading.... At the bottom of me, I knew him(it), I wanted to believe in it I was not disappointed...

You will find no photos or videos of the weekend, if it is not, when I would have had his(her,its) agreement, those where I am with her. For reasons of rights, it was forbidden to film or to photograph. There where we could find of the abuse, I see something normal respect for its work and the evil there which she(it) gives itself (I saw yesterday, by looking for the other thing(matter), a video of the choreography which she(it) taught us this weekend and which is going to go out in DVD she(it) nevertheless specified well not to film her(it) and to put her(it) on-line I épiloguerais not there above).

In brief, I cannot tell the weekend in great detail, too many things, too many feelings.... A lot of work (I am all the same a minimum reassured on my physical condition I was able to follow about everything chorés not too much, but the workshop(studio) - exercise in him even that was great). I just want to speak about Her.

A beautiful person in everything the senses(directions) of the term, beautiful by the face, by the physical appearance but also by the spirit, the mentality. A kindness, a sweetness rarely, too rarely met, a nature which does not exist almost any more that of a girl by moment, that of the requiring(demanding) but not tyrannical professor and then, in my opinion, the most beautiful moment.... The Woman she(it) even, met 5 minutes accidentally(by chance) before the show(entertainment)..... A magic, rare moment which I would gladly have prolonged longer....

We arrived early, with my friends, on the place of the show(entertainment)... Not easy to find, a kind sir who opened us the road with its car we parked and we are managed towards the entrance(entry). On a low wall, sat(based) alone with a beautiful black cat in arms, Sharon got a breath of fresh air.... By seeing us arriving, she(it) has us smiles, a small kind word qoi engaged(started) the conversation a rare moment, to discuss between girls a too short but so intense moment for me.... Of nobody will say to me " but you have make photos??? It was the moment or never ", I answer " no, it was not especially the moment... ". She(it) was ready, made up for her(its) show(entertainment), it is true that in fan, I would have been able to rush and to ask him(her) for clichés(pictures).... But the magic would have been broken, the moment with the woman would have been gaché definitively.... In my opinion, that would also have been a total lack of respect.... She(it) seemed so serene, sat(based) with her(its) cat, inviting us in her(its) bubble of light.....

I could write it lines and lines, repeating me, paraphrasing me I even.... I am going to stop(arrest) there.... A small word on the show(entertainment) all the same.... A beautiful dancer, 3 services(performances) only but magnificent, intense, to look with tears in the eyes in front of so much grace(favor), beauty and magic....

And for me of beautiful memories(souvenirs), in my heart for the remainder of my days....
By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: absolute Happiness
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