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Course(Cape) taine hook...

Monday, September 14th, 2009 1 14 /09 / frog /2009 19:05
Well, we are going to say that it is parceque it is soon that I would have one year more and that I want to return towards 1970/1978..... In the time(period), my Mom (voui, still her(it), but there, she(it) had returned.... Mom, if you read to me, I loves you hardly you know!) learnt me the hook... She also learnt me to knit but I preferred the hook. I got back everything the books of points bizarre as much as strange who trainait at the house and with my friend of time(period), Patricia, we began picking as lunatics everything the woolen ends who had the misfortune to cross our road were transformed, as if by magic, into small squares full of colors more or less good matched but so beautiful for us....

I found my hook last year when I discovered amigurumis.... There was a taste of novelty mixed by childhood, something undefinable but not bad of the whole.....

Last week, I trainais of blog in blog and I fell here. Z' saw the name???? Grannymania.... Granny, it is a grandma it is the hook of the grandmothers hey!!!! Wait, chui not grandmother I!!!! How? It is just the name to indicate(appoint) these little gifts picked charmingly kitsch, with a flavor of childhood inside? Ok!!! I say nothing more, I have more that to keep silent about me. Prevent, I rereleased my cotton sons(threads) (those with whom I wanted to make vegetables and which have so beautiful colors) and I had fun a part(party) of the weekend.

That is what that gave(looked)...

I saw a model made with a lot of small more or less big squares inspired by the patchwork of Kaffe Fasset (I have the book below, I know which one(which) it is, I always wanted to make him(it) in fabrics(tissues) without daring to throw(launch) to me I am going to pick him(it)). A blanket Babette that is called.... At the moment I have fun.... I make random(unpredictable) marriages with the colors which I have I believe that I am just going to add a little mauve(mallow) later I would make Babette's blanket and I could envelloper me inside to be hot the winter when then, just I would put her(it) on the back of one of the sofas to make attractive top with heights of colored and cheerful colors.... Voili....

By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: course(cape) taine hook...
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Monday, October 20th, 2008 1 20 /10 / Oct /2008 20:48
Before rabbit-up, I made another rabbit I began him(it) before leaving to my relatives(parents) aout and I finished him(it) at home... One day when my younger sister was at home.... She saw him(it), she said " I want him(it) ", I have say " Ok, just I finish him(it) before ". Later we asked to our Mom for Favorite Darling whom we love very much (kisses Mom, I love you!) if she(it) had buttons and other zigouigouis and we enjoied " dressing him(it) " (not our Mom, the rabbit!).

That gave that;

She did not want that I cut him(her) the sons(threads) of z' eyes, that makes him(her) big lashes, a blue floweret in the ear to say that it is a bow tie can be a girl and to say that it is can be a boy....
By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: course(cape) taine hook...
A tit gazouillage???
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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 2 30 /09 / frog /2008 15:42
Having resolved my problems of battery(drum kit), I was thus able to make exceptional images of the little gift which it was taken refuge in my bag outside my bag.
It is about an amigurumi of the family of the rabbits the boss of which you will find here (when I would have found the link!)
It is a young lady, one rabbit-up, she is very pretty and likes adorning himself with 1000 and one marvels perlouzes, flowerets, ribbons everything is good to make her(it) feel itself beautiful and magnificently kitschounette.....

By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: course(cape) taine hook...
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Monday, September 29th, 2008 1 29 /09 / frog /2008 15:48
A funny small animal took up residence in one of the pockets of my bag (yes, Pascale!!! My Mary Poppins's bag one day I would tell you the life of my bag!!!). I was able to make a photo before he(it) goes out of it and before I break down of battery(drum kit).... I was able to catch up him(it), I captured him(it) and a photo in foot of the animal will soon come....
While waiting for here is the first one(night)...

By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: course(cape) taine hook...
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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 3 23 /07 / July /2008 11:25
I always memorized(stored) the surprising name not???
Under this strange name come moreover, hide full of small picked characters who would arrive at us quite straight ahead from Japan....

Anecdotally, approximately one year ago, I have make a raid at my Favorite Mom, I got back the hooks of my youth and full of balls with the intention to crochet to amuse me I found books(pounds) with things(tricks) inside but bof, that did not say to me more that that and then last week happened to me an extraordinary thing(trick)!!! Mrs walking among my favourite blogs in particular that of my some muses of which Lila Fanfreluche is a member, I fell above and my envy(urge) for hook there and returned my captain ...... Navigating without finding anything who really satisfies me, I threw(launched) a call to the people which was followed by an answer ...... I thus clicked the links of Lila and I met in a world populated with small cute, colored and funny characters, amigurumis I have make my first try(essay), I had fun well.... I put him(her) a bundle of pink cuddly toy(fluff) perlouzée for the coquetry and for the eyes, I have 2 énooooooormes flasks of black pearls which I considered round and which(who) are lengthened(stretched out) that makes them almond eyes....
For most observers, I have make an error in the assembly(editing), will know how to be her(it)????

I found the model here there is height of the others, it is quite cute, quite funny, fast made when we do not want to stick hands in the peinturelure or when we have too much time(weather) for patouiller....
By Viscountess Sheshire Kitten - Published in: course(cape) taine hook...
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