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Big chorus girls .............

Published on 18/10/2007 in " the papers of Viscountess "
Big chorus girls....

Then, I got on nerves all summer long with hopping and sparkling Mika and he takes(brings) out to us a tribute to rounds, to plump, to those that we say "naughty girls" and in whom(which) they like getting lost to those as me...


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That makes the good(property), it is so rare this kind(genre) of demand " Big chorus girls you beautiful are "

Written by: Liyaah ¦ 09/11/2007

Ah ben that then, I have just understood the famous: " it is not the size(cutting) which counts "!!!

Written by: G.Mike ¦ 09/11/2007

Héhéhé, g.mike, that made for a long time;-p

Written by: viscountess sheshire kitten ¦ 09/11/2007

That still inspires you????

I would indulge to add your com.

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