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The best friend of the woman....

Published on 20/12/2004 in " the papers of Viscountess "

The best friend of the woman

It is the bath.
Not the bath fast made in which we have a quick dip, we wash ourselves and we clean...
No, I speak about the Bath, with a big B.
The one that we savor while he(it) pours(flows,sinks) (very warmly rather)
The one into which we pay(pour) some corks of bath oil (a which(who) smells excellent)
The one into which we steal with delight even if we brule parceque the water is too warm finally,
The one in which we relax,
The one in which one relax so that one eventually put to sleep(eventually fall asleep),
The one of which we go out to regrets to steal into clothes piping hot and comfortable
The one who continues to you envelloper of heat during still a long moment.
It is this bath there the best friend of the woman...

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Oh yes!!!!!!!! And apres, to anoint of cremes which smell good, a various for every part(party) of the coprs or an invaluable of everywhere ........ Moments of happiness!:)

Written by: ESTELLE ¦ 21/12/2004

And why not " be anointed "?
Ah "bath" not, excuse I for being interfered to me in your intimacy you spoke about baths only.

Having said that, I am bath and my wife is shower...

Written by: G MIKE ¦ 29/12/2004

Bath one can anoint or be anointed, it is according to the available funds and the z' envy(urge) for each.
This says mike, I spoke about baths only parceque in my small bathtub, I do not return in 2. And to me it is the opposite, I am bath and my husband is shower (finally by looking well at my sentence and yours, it is not so the opposite, 2 sentences are even, there is only a word of difference)

Written by: viscountess sheshire kitten ¦ 29/12/2004

That still inspires you????

I would indulge to add your com.

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