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The patchwork of the life

Published on 16/10/2007 in " The papers of Viscountess "

The patchwork of the life ......

A small note inspired by a remark of Ysaliya (I return all the same to Ysa what comes from Ysa!!!!)

A small exchange about the fact that although we did (in creative leisure activities in this case but that applies in quite finally), we are satisfied never really by the result(profit), because we know for which places we made errors and what it seems to us that celà sees itself as the red nose of a clown in the middle of the face(figure), this small exchange thus, made me think again about my other life, that of front the oriental dance, that where I made a little patchwork (I would redo it one day, so yes!!!) where I piled up fabrics(tissues) all more beautiful some than the others in case and then books(pounds), for the models, for the documentation etc.

I so learnt(taught) in these books(pounds), as these women who sewed squares by squares, triangles by triangles, with accuracy, getting back the slightest end of fabrics(tissues) by economy to make a cover(blanket) which would be of use to the family or these easier(more well-to-do) women who also sewed ends of fabrics(tissues) between them (more to take care the fingers that out of necessity), all these women, bright or less bright, introduced voluntarily an error into their work (Tura moreover specified that it was also true for carpets(mats)) for not not that this work is completed.

Because only God is capable of perfection and whom(that) would be blaspheme that to aspire or even in the perfection.

At this moment there, there was a strange phenomenon, my brain started alone, without that I asked to him(her) for nothing, and I thought siiiiiiiiii.
We cross(spend) his(her,its) life to be run(roamed) after the perfection, while we know very well that she(it) is impossible. Nothing of it we shall make will never be completed, we shall never be perfected (or then, we are a God and to be a God, him(it) faudrais that I believe that He(It) exists, now it is not the case but that it is another history(story)). I thought of me, who while being the person most badly organized and the most shambolic who can exist, is also one of persons most perfectionists whom I know only that does not see itself because as I want the perfection every time, I prefer not to make rather than get it all wrong, know, because there, in this precise place I committed a fault, and because even if she does not see itself, I know that she is there (everybody follows? I do not go too fast????)

I rethought about the running(race) in the perfection that became my life, I realized that due to wanting quite completed, I made(did) nothing more, I do not create any more because it is a source(spring) of terrible fear (and if the color, the shape, the thing(trick) or the thingummyjig did not suit), I do not cook any more parceque my dish(flat) would have to be completed (and then also let us admit, I like not too much that even if I like to eat!), I make the minimum living wage in the house because I would cross(spend) my days to tidy up, to sort out, to remove spots, things(tricks) and thingummyjigs which trainent, I did not almost dance any more parceque I saw myself again ugly and big and finally I realized that due to wanting a perfect life, I eventually lived any more on the whole, than I shall die slowly without reporting me it even.

And I, I do not want to have died for the moment, it is not the hour not but sometimes, I looked behind me, and I decided that I had to put my packages, all these things which I put myself on the back alone or by means of the others (but often quite alone(only) all the same). All give a complex badly placed, all doubt, all these fears, all these imperfections, all that I maintain, with or without help(assistant), finally they are only youngs squared in the big patchwork of my life. If I do not accept that one of these small squares is a little less squared than the other, a little less colored or a little more lively a little less complete(perfect), how what is what I can continue to build myself positively? Begin to build myself positively how what is that I can have a beautiful image of me if I cross(spend) my life to be run(roamed) after a perfection which is in any case inatteignable (that exists that as word???)

Then yes, I am not completed, I am not about what I dreamed to be when I was small, I have holes in my culture, I am not necessarily attractive, my job(business) is not developing (but I like(love) him(it) all the same!!!) Yes, I am sometimes naive and if we want to persuade me that the green frog is red can be that we shall arrive, and then there yes, I extend beyond little on the highly-rated, on the front and behind, yes my humor is particular and I sometimes forget even fundamental elementary things, but finally which import because all this, I realize him(it) now, it is what what makes that I am me, that I am unique(only), that nobody will ever be what I am. Which importance that I reach(affect) this perfection after which I nearly kill to run(roam) for a long time, parceque in spite of my imperfections, my small squares not squared, I have a husband who I love and who loves me, I have 2 children after whom I grumble a little a lot.... As my relatives(parents) made him(it) with me, they are not necessarily that I would have wanted that they are but they are, and it is what what is important, I have friend, truth which are for me and not for what there what I can represent or bring (and vice versa).

No matter that the small squares which make the patchwork of my life are not standard, because the most mattering finally, it is that I am alive, that I become aware of it, that I learn to like(love) myself with all my imperfections ......

And that if one day, I become perfect, and good I would be a God and there, I would be grateful(inescapable) to believe in Me....

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I did not know that I so had you to inspire this so attractive text...
Whaahou, magnificent reflections!!!!

Written by: Ysaliya ¦ 10/11/2007

Thank you ysa

Written by: viscountess sheshire kitten ¦ 10/11/2007

Thank you one thousand fois.vous reassure me and I have the impression(printing) to meet in your automobile-critiques.alors, I am not alone to feel guilty in the slightest error? I am going to try to print your note(ticket) (it would be too long in ecrire) .et I shall read again him(it) every time I shall have a doute.ça will eventually anchor well in my then I can dash without throwing(casting) all my works to the fur and has measure which I termine.j' like very much your way of saying believe that I shall come back from the highly-rated from your home

Written by: claudine to bordier ¦ 13/11/2007

That still inspires you????

I would indulge to add your com.

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