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Restaurants and prawn cracker;

By the viscountess, on Tuesday, September 6th, 2005 in 09:48:: myths z' and legends:: 13:: rss
Restaurants and prawn cracker

For a long time I believed that the restaurant owners(restorers) went the morning make their small market on the market of the place(square) of in quoted(esteemed). I saw them with the small basket buying their small carrots, their small leeks their small vegetables, the meat or the fish for the small dishes then going into their attractive cooking(kitchen) and lovingly, peeling the small carrots, the small leeks, etc..... And then, my small husband preferred to me began in worked in a hypermarket(large surface) specialized for the hotelkeepers-restaurant owners(hotelkeepers-restorers) and the retailers, and there everything collapsed.... When I am going to make my races(shopping) (at time(weather) when wife of employee I have the right(law) to make it my races(shopping)!) I cross a big part(party) of the restaurant owners(restorers) of the corner(place), buying their box(cashdesk) of vegetables, fruits, the bags of salads, the prepacked meat (very good in fact!!!) Brick-built eggs, all their culinary helps(assistants) even spices with mulled wine for winter (the one who will become " the mulled wine prepared according to the recipe(takings) of my grandmother " and who will be sold the skin of buttocks in stations(resorts)!). Thus Here we are, a myth which collapsed.... But it is not everything!!!! Recently, I made(did) my races(shopping) in this hypermarket(large surface) and my small husband preferred to me returns me a bag of pink plastic slices. " Kesséksa? " I ask him(her), " chips in shrimps " he(it) answer me, "ah" I make. Well, we rest(pose) in the wagon... By returning, we make warm the deep fryer, when the oil is warm, we plunge the end of plastic(plastic art) there and, oh, miracle!!! The plastic, which is not some plastic, unfolds(displays), swells and becomes a prawn cracker. It is funny, that amuses the children, that nibbles in the apéritif and another myth which collapses... I believed that prawn crackers were faient lovingly by the Chinese youngs in their restaurant to them, that with the small hands, they prepared a dough for chips with shrimps inside, that they deep-fried them to bag them then and sell them to us.... Sometimes Viscountess, it is naïïïïve!!!!!!

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1. On Tuesday, September 6th, 2005 in 10:14, by FrenchDoctor Jr:: site

It is nothing, you did not see the wholesale shop where we sell " small so nice and warm restaurant owners(restorers) " under freeze-dried shape!

2. On Tuesday, September 6th, 2005 in 21:32, by G. Mike

Ah ben there, you amaze me! You did not know that Kroupouks was like that made!
For the rest, it is true that it is disappointing.

3. On Wednesday, September 7th, 2005 in 09:52, by viscountess sheshire kitten:: site

French doctor, nan I know the wholesale shop where we sell viscountess (still that he(it) have only one of viscountess there and where she(it) is copyrighté and thus innimitable - no I have not the head which swells!!!)
Gmike, well, no I knew not!!!! I have him(it) say, Viscountess, not only she does not often think but in more she is naive!!!!!;-))

4. On Wednesday, September 7th, 2005 in 17:36, by Zaipomal

But not she(it) is not naive my big sister!
If doughnuts(fritters) in shrimps are like that prepared, that makes maybe a thing(matter) which was not lying about(did not dawdle) everywhere in the cooking(kitchen), on the ground or next to the trash can although..

5. On Thursday, September 8th, 2005 in 17:20, by viscountess sheshire kitten:: site

Ooooh!!! My pitit brother!!!! There next time when you come I make you prawn crackers I even with my white hands;
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