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The sérendipité is the fact of realizing an unexpected discovery thanks to the fate and to the intelligence, during a search on a totally different subject.

He can involve or of an application which we looked for in no way, either of an unforeseen(unexpected) use in what we finalized(worked out).

For Robert King Merton the sérendipité is the surprising observation followed by a correct induction. A mental operation consisting in generalizing a reasoning or an observation from singular cases.

"Serendipity" is a word invented in 1754 by the English philosopher Sir Horatio WALPOLE, he(it) results from a novel of time(period) " The three princes of Serendib " (three princes of Ceylon) to whom the fate brought the solution of annoying situations where they fell

Paradox of Menon

It is not possible to the man to look neither for the fact that he knows nor what he does not know; because he(it) will not look for what he knows because he knows him(it) and because it does not need a search(research), nor what he does not know by the reason that he does not know for what he has to look.

In the scientific domain an idea is a preliminary semantic reflection. The idea of a still unknown and effective means to make something. The human intelligence supplies this capacity to arrest(dread), to organize the data of the situation, to put in relation the processes to use(employ) and to choose the original solutions.

The successes of him(it) Sérendipité is many.

The printer with ink jet, the pacemaker, the Walkman, the Viagra, the Post-It, the nylon, the teflon, the conductive polymers, the Kevlar, The soft margarine Nutella, Java (informatics language), etc. to speak only about recent examples.

It is this principle which the Big industrial Groups began to systematize at first in the United States, then now in Europe.

The first reaction in front of Sérendipité is to consider her(it) as counterproductive. In a world governs by the profitability and the efficiency, the fate has no its place(square).

Nevertheless Sérendipité has undeniable qualities. It is in particular a security of open-mindedness and creativity. Be allowed carry(wear) by the fate is the best means to find new sources of inspiration, new ideas …

Those who practise effectively Sérendipité, show ingenuity, intuition, attentiveness, perspicacity, that is constructive curiosity. The knowledge and the experience(experiment) of the witness(baton) of this combination of circumstances are necessary to transform him(it) into innovation.

The notion which hides behind the term of Sérendipité is the synthesis of the fate and the ingenuity. It is thus a question good capacity, and not only a discovery bound(connected) at random which is not enough.

“ The fate in the scientific discoveries smiles only to those who are prepared for it ” Louis Pasteur.

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Unknown silhouette

I was not able to see your face

Engraved(Burnt) image

A passer-by

A captivating smile

The irony in the glance

She(It) passes impassive

A silhouette

His(Her,Its) slight silhouette

Tramp on the avenue

A spring is reborn

Les passantes The passers-by ( Right click then open)

Tribute to Georges Brassens

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French artist, been born in 1952.

Jean-François Rauzier is professional photographer, in 2002, his artistic work takes an innovative and radical form: he(it) invents the concept of the HYPERPHOTO.

For some years, this virtuoso of the numeric(digital) technologies he is the prize-winner of big contribute(compete) artistic and photographic: in 2006, the lounge(show) Up-date in Berlin the price(prize) Screenings, in 2008, the price(prize) Arcimboldo, in 2009, and in 2011 receives the price(prize) Eurazeo.

He(It) exposes(explains) all over the world: New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris or Seoul …


His(Her,Its) works plunge the spectator into a dreamlike, sometimes fantastic universe. They offer a reflection on the reality, the place(square) of the man in the city, the perception(collection) of the world and especially an invitation to the journey.


Result(Profit) amazing of the truth and the passion, a sentence summarizes all its work: « the man writes on the sand, I that suits me very so. The disappearance does not oppose me, in the low tide, I begin again ».


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P1020345.JPGThe history(story) of the onion of Roscoff is very particular, it deserves that we linger there a little to discover this made onion the pride of all the region.

It is necessary to go back up(to raise) the time(weather) until 17th century to discover the origin of the Onion of Roscoff. It is in 1647 when Brother Cyril, a monk Capuchin friar(capuchin), sowed(scattered) the first seeds in the gardens of the convent in his(her,its) return of Lisbon. In this time(period), the city of Roscoff had an activity essentially bound(connected) to the maritime business, based on the export of salt resulting from the South of Brittany and from linen made in the region. Vegetables were cultivated in kitchen gardens and were of use to the provisioning of the sailors. The onion established(constituted) an essential food for them, because he allowed to protect against the scurvy, because of his wealth in vitamin C.

He(It) is very fast adopted for his(its) gustative qualities and his(its) very long preservation. In 18th century, the decline of the business of the painting(cloth), the farmers turned(shot) to the culture of the onion and the other vegetables on Roscoff.

It is in the 19th century when the fame of the Onion of Roscoff was growing. The history(story) holds(retains) that in 1828, Henri Ollivier, a young farmer of Roscoff, tried the adventure to go to sell his onions in England: the empty holds and the well filled(performed) pockets returned there … And so began the phenomenon " Johnny ", of the nickname given by the British to the farmers of Roscoff and its region. Every year more numerous, Johnnies emigrated from the end of July after saint Barbe's forgiveness to go to sell their onions to very close in all Great Britain, on foot first of all then to bike from 1920. The phenomenon knew its peak in the 20s with 9000 tons sold besides La Manche by about 1400 Johnnies.

The economic crisis of the 30s, the second world war, the devaluation of the pound and the English protectionism then led(drove) to the decline of sales besides La Manche. However there is even today about fifteen Johnnies who make the tradition continue …

The onion of Roscoff cannot compete with the other onions produced in the industrial scale(ladder).

In 2009, 56 producers lead(drive) their cultures according to the specifications of the AOC(PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN) or approximately 65 ha for 1300 tons of onions of Roscoff.

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36325058 p[1]The realism of the propositions confronts in the alder(ell) of the problems engendered by the capitalist crisis and the stakes corresponding to a project of united and ecological company(society). The financial feasibility of the propositions depends above all on the political commitment of the whole company(society) and on those who govern her(it). Indeed, far from being a handicap for the economy and the future of the company(society), the extension of the not trade sphere which is going to be led under the aegis of the local, national and European public authorities, will be really productive because human and material resources will have been dedicated to work to create the properties(goods) and the really useful quality services. The trade sphere, moved yesterday by the only search(research) for the profit, is going to have to in his turn answer more and more the requirements which the democracy will dictate him(her).


Seven construction sites of the transition

To begin(prime) the transformation(processing) of the work, the economy and the finance on a mandature of five years.

1. The work and the income

- Abrogation of all the laws on the organization of the work having casualized the wage condition and the refoundation of the labor code

- Constitutional principle of just distribution of the wealth

- New laws on the working time and the reduction of the precariousness

- Fixation(binding) of acceptable minimum and maximum income

2. The tax system

- Fiscal reform based(established) on the progressiveness with wide plates; objective 100 billion euro of additional fiscal receipts a year

- International taxation of the financial transactions and the fight(wrestling) against the fraud and tax evasions

- Strengthened European budget

- Audit on the national debts

3. The social welfare

- Abrogation of the reforms on the pensions and the health insurance crossed(spent)

- New law on the social welfare based(established) on the distribution and the progress of the national insurance contributions

4. The currency(change) and the finance

- Socialization of all the banking sector

- Destruction of the structures of speculation

- Democratic control of the European Central Bank and the monetary policy authorizing the monetization of the public deficits

5. The investments and the development policy

- Rehabilitation of public utilities

- Déprivatisation of the sectors of the education, the culture, the health, the energy, the transport and the distribution(casting) of the water

- Help(assistant) to the ecological reconversion(retraining) of the agriculture(farming)

- The Restoration of a democratic planning

6. The search(research) and the indicators of progress

- Priority in the public search(research)

- Economic and social information turned(shot) to the quality

7. External relations

- Cooperation on the place(square) of the competition

- Construction of a regulation world politics

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