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After two years already crossed(spent) to wade in swimming pool, 5 years to gallop and 8 years crossed(spent) to pedal, the triathlon was outlined as a passage obliged in my life, an inevitable stage. Then so much make that with great pomp. This triathlon on which I had decided to make 9 months ago, Mooseman has the prestige of a big running(race), because it makes left 49 IronMan 70.3 in the world qualifiers for the world championships of IronMan 70.3. Why 70.3? Because IronMan 70.3 is a half IronMan, half of classic Ironman, is 1,9km of swimming (1,2 miles), 90km of bike (56 miles) and 21,1km by running(roaming) (13,1miles, what is 113km all in all, or 70.3 miles.

So, from Christmas 2010, savings had taken off in the registration(inscription) to this running(race) and in the combination(overall). Combination(overall) that I looked every morning during 6 months. In other words that this triathlon, I wait for him(it) as the arrival of the rain in the sahel. And by arriving at Newfound Lake, in New Hampshire, the USA, in a place where bikes in 10 000 euro are also common(current) as melons in Cavaillon, in this place where the mark(brand) IronMan is visible about everywhere, I was as a kid who opened his Christmas presents. It was moreover a little bit true.

Photo-0177 Photo-0178

And having got back my uncountable numbers (for the back, the stomach, the bike, the helmet, the bag of transition), to be made for me marked by a bracelet with my number of number, bracelet which I am going to keep(guard) 24 hours, I was able to discover all the magic of the place welcoming this running(race), what is also the peculiarity of the certified races(shopping) IronMan, they take place in fantastic places. I cross typified athletes North American, hollow cheeks but with square jaws and wide shoulders. These doubles of Lance Armstrong give a synonym for performance only to their facies.

Photo-0182 Photo-0180

Tomorrow, the departure of the first wave will take place at 7 am. I am in the third on nine, and I shall thus leave at 7:04 am '. I get ready to cross(spend) the second night in the car, after the first one(night) made for the trail of Sutton of this morning, which moreover put well me in legs, and put well the water in the mouth, quite as the marathon of Ottawa of the last week. I sleep like a log till 5 am in the morning, because I shall take time to verify a good dozen times the material(equipment). It is new for me, so many things to be planned, hat(cap), glasses, combi for the swimming, the shoes, the socks, foots the bill for the bike, the other pair of shoes and sunglasses for the running, and then the cardiometer, the cycling shorts and the top of body which accompany me during the 6 hours of running(race), without forgetting the tens of cereal bars and the other energy frosts(gels) which skip of everywhere, on the bike, into the pockets of the cycling shorts. I shall also transport two gourds(clots) of water on the bike and a camelbak with the necessary anti-flat and a pocket of water. For the running, I shall be lighter, without anything to carry(wear). I makes me write in the marker my number of number on both shoulders, and my age on the left(awkward) calf. I verify the pressure of tires, 8 bars, one furthermore nor one at least, and thread the combination(overall). I go to the beach(range) where 1121 swimmers already gather(collect). I skip little into the water, she(it) is frozen. Then the first vague part. They are pro men. The tension is for its height. I am overexcited. The second wave gets into the water, they are women pro. Every pistol shot comes along with lappings and with applause of the spectators. Then it is in the tour(ballot) of my wave to get into the water, 18-29 men (men(people) of the category 18 - 29 years). It left.

11 10

I feel(smell) suddenly all this cold water going into the combi, which squeezes(tightens) me, hampers(bothers) my movements. I have the impression(printing) to be in a washing machine, everybody brings in inside. I do not succeed in taking of big breaths of air to dive under the water and expire, nor to find a rhythm. My hands and my feet are paralyzed by the cold, and then this combi squeezes(tightens) so much! I manage to breathe only by small, short and very fast inspirations, I am even on the verge of the crisis of panic. The idea to abandon(to give up) penetrates into my spirit then in spring(competence) immediately. Rather burst drowned person that to abandon(to give up). I swim then the head completely outside the water. It is exhausting for arms, but I advance(move), and regularly I reattempt finding the usual rhythm that I have in swimming pool, but nothing to make. I cross(spend) the first kilometer and understands that I am going to have to make all the distance as it. The time(weather) passes by fast, I cross(go through) twice a week in swimming pool these 1,9km, but in a different way more classy than today. The exhaustion is felt(smelt), and I catch four cramps in 400m of the arrival of the swimming, in every shoulder and every calf. The cold having anesthetized everything, I just feel(smell) the muscle contracting, a light pain, but nothing more. Then, finally, I feel(smell) the sand under my feet, at the end of 46 minutes, I finally overcame the round trip on Newfound Lake. But I sign only the 798th time(weather) over 1121.

5 9

Then everything accelerates, two volunteers hurl themselves on me and tears away to(extracts) me my combi. I go then to the bike. My hands numbed with cold have difficulty in threading socks, shoes, etc.... I makes a horrible transition, more than 5 minutes. There is not worse as at the beginning of triathlon. Then I rise on the bike and leave as a shell.

1 Until my legs thaw, I take advantage of the absence of sensations to take off as the wind. I take off to 36, 37 kph. I avoid taking the inhalation(pursuit) of the others, what is forbidden. In the kilometer 10, I feel(smell) finally my legs. The first rises(ascents) arrive, the profile is mountainous. I swallow them as candies, my frustration was transformed into energy. I double the athletes in the shovel, the slightest rise(ascent) is synonymic of flashing to the left for me, because everybody remains very wise on his(her) bike, and I force in dancer as a sprinter. A coast(rib) in 16 % obliges even triathletes helmets profiled to dismount and to push(grow). I avoid blowing them too much by exceeding them. Then the route(course) becomes flat and rolling on several tens of kilometers. I makes it a point of honor not to make me exceed(overtake). I chases after the slightest " shaved legs helmet profile-bike in 10 000 euro " which doubles me. This hunting turns out sometimes empty-handed in front of these fighters, but I do not take off unless 38 kph.

Then the first buckle ends in 1:27 am ', more than 45km, we leave on the same circuit. I begin to eat, and to drink also, because the temperature climbs. The rises(ascents) in this second buckle seem to have lengthened(stretched out), and I slowed down little gives rhythm to him(it) but continue to double. Upon the arrival of the dish(flat), I offer myself a break dress(toilet) to celebrate all this. And then I resumes(takes back) the infernal rate. In 10km of the arrival, I decide to prepare my transition bike / running on foot, considered very difficult. I eat and drink twice as much, and release(leave) some pine nuts(cogs) to make turn(shoot) more legs. I finish 90km in 3:07 am '. I went back up(raised) to the 470th place(square). I doubled more than 300 cyclists, and I am in the first half of the classification, however, there is a running.

8 slideshow6

But when I begin to run(roam), legs advance(move) alone. I have the impression(printing) that I made nothing previously and that I go out of the bed. I am light, without anything on the back, and I have the impression(printing) that I just have to wait that my legs made the work, they take(bring) out rather good there. I take a good rhythm. I have four portions of 5,25km approximately to make. I decide to eat and to drink to every provisioning, all the miles, to keep(preserve) this surprising and nice fraicheur. I pass in 25 ' 5,25km. Then again in 25 ' the following 5,25km, as a metronome thrown(launched) at 12,6km / hour. Already more of 10km and I always double of the world. Some walk(work), at the end of strength. An ambulance exceeds me, then farther, I see a runner surrounded with first-aid workers. I feel capable of holding the rhythm on tens of kilometers, surement thanks to the luxury of the second break dress(toilet) (I me folds in all the whims of my body, I indeed owe him(her) that this day of new efforts). Keeping(guarding) my cruising speed, I get closer to the arrival.

" And now, Sacha Cavelier, Robion " with american accent.

4 7

The crowd by hundreds encourages finishers. The atmosphere of IronMan 70.3 American, that's right, applauses for everybody, from the first one to the last one, and the eternal respect for all those who raise Tshirt and cap of finisher. I cross(spend) the line at the end of 5:48 am ' of running(race), by squeezing(tightening) fists, but not teeth. Since I removed the combination(overall), that was only the pleasure. It deprives almost his(her,its) charm of the half IronMan. I made my semi marathon in 1:45 am ', and I have still doubled runners' hundred, to arrive at the 367th place(square). Which pleasure to hear(understand) the American announcer to pronounce " Now, Sacha Cavelier, from Robion " (or rather Reubiun with the American accent), can be the first time when the name of this city is pronounced in this country.

Photo-0184 Photo-0190

6 slideshow2

The time(weather) is brightened up, the chicken in the corn is delicious, and legs are on form, as if I had just made my morning jogging. One aches. I lived fantastic moments today, and every day I say to myself that I am incredibly fortunate to live them and to have close relations who returned it possible. There were pleasant surprises on this first triathlon, and then bad. And the some as are the others a springboard which urges me to do it again, to exceed me, to intend to make longer.

Photo-0191One of the good news(short stories), it is because we do not bring in hands empty of IronMan 70.3: the bag full of knickknacks, the head filled(performed) with memories(souvenirs).


5:48 am ' 27 "

Swim: 46 ' 46 " (a 2,438km / hour of average, 798th after Swim)

Transition 1: 5 ' 28 "

Bike: 3:07 am ' 45 " (a 28,761km / hour of average, 470th after swim+T1+Bike)

Transition 2: 3 ' 01 "

Run: 1:45 am ' 27 " (a 12,006km / hour of average, 367th final classification)


367th on 1121 newcomers(finishers)

14th men 18/24 the years.

Photos here.

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7. MONTREAL - Three Rivers - QUEBEC, in April 24th, 2011, 281,43km, 9 o'clock 47 '

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10. Three sides of Mt Ventoux, Bédoin, Malaucène, Sault, in August 4th, 2009, 139,5km, 4443m +, 7:17 am '



1. IronMan 70.3 Mooseman, in June 5th, 2011, 1,9km+90km+21,1km, 5 o'clock 48 '

2. IronMan 70.3 France Country of Aix, in September 25th, 2011, 1,9km+90km+21,1km, 4 o'clock 59 '

3. Triathlon half spirit of Montreal, in September 10th, 2011, 1,9km+90km+21,1km, 4 o'clock 53 '

4. Olympic double triathlon O2 of Sherbrooke, in July 17th, 2011, 3km+80km+20km, 5 o'clock 34 '

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Mount Royal Summit Quest, on Sunday, June 20th, 2010, Montreal, QC, Canada, 50km, 6 o'clock 01 '

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ST ETIENNE - Valencia - Montélimar - Avignon - ROBION, on Monday, September 20th, 2010, 300,61km, 11 o'clock 03 '

Vétathlon of Bollène, on Sunday, September 26th, 2010, Bollène, 8kmcàp+20kmVTT, 2nd scratch

Marathon of Provence Luberon, on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010, Pertuis, 42,195km, 3 o'clock 47 '

Trail of 4 coombs, on Sunday, October 31st, 2010, Robion, 15km, 600m +, 8th scratch

SaintéLyon, on Sunday, December 5th, 2010, St Etienne-Lyon, 68km, 1300m +, 8:16 am '

Trail ochre and silt, on Sunday, January 16th, 2011, Mormoiron, 20km, 622m +, 6th scratch

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Trail of Ventoux, on Sunday, March 27th, 2011, Bédoin, 46km, 2650m +, 6:03 am '

MONTREAL - Three Rivers - QUEBEC, on Sunday, April 24th, 2011, 281,43km, 9 o'clock 47 '

The Wapack and back trail race 50Miles, on Saturday, May 7th, 2011, Ashburnham, MY, the USA, 80,5km, 3700m +, 12:59 am '

Ottawa marathon, on Sunday, May 29th, 2011, Ottawa, ONE, Canada, 42,195km, 3 o'clock 19 '

Xtrail Asics de Sutton, on Saturday, June 4th, 2011, Mount Sutton, QC, Canada, 21km, 800m +, 7th scratch

IronMan 70.3 Mooseman, on Sunday, June 5th, 2011, Newfound Lake, NH, the USA, 1,9km+90km+21,1km, 5 o'clock 48 '

Duathlon of the Mount Living, on Sunday, June 12th, 2011, in St Sauveur, in QC, CANADA, 2km+25km+8km, 2nd scratch

XC Ultimate Mont Tremblant, on Saturday, June 18th, 2011, Trembling Mount, QC, Canada, 35km, 800m +, 2nd scratch

OTTAWA - MONTREAL, on Saturday, July 9th, 2011, 226,07km, 7 o'clock 46 '

Olympic double triathlon O2 of Sherbrooke, on Sunday, July 17th, 2011, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada, 3km+80km+20km, 5 o'clock 34 '

Damn Wakely displeasure ultra, on Saturday, July 23rd, 2011, Piseco, NY, the USA, 52,5km, 1200m +, 5:51 am '

The kingdom run, on Saturday, August 13th, 2011, Irasburg, VT, the USA, 20km, 5th scratch

Derby 40 ( 1 ) Camilien Houde, on Saturday, August 27th, 2011, 141,8km, 4760m +, 7:21 am '

Triathlon half spirit of Montreal, on Saturday, September 10th, 2011, Montreal, QC, Canada, 1,9km+90km+21,1km, 4 o'clock 53 '

IronMan 70.3 France Country of Aix, on Sunday, September 25th, 2011, Aix en Provence, 1,9km+90km+21,1km, 4 o'clock 59 '

Marathon of the villages of the peninsula of Lège Cap Ferret, on Sunday, October 9th, 2011, Lège Cap Ferret, 42,195km, 3 o'clock 25 '

The ATLANTIC OCEAN - Lège Cap Ferret - Agen - TOULOUSE, in October 9-11th, 2011, 326,21km, 14 o'clock 01 '

The big running(race) of the Knight Templars, on Sunday, October 23rd, 2011, Millau, 77km, 3200m +, 10:43 am '


  • Sacha-cavelier-endurance-run
  • Sacha Cavelier ENDURANCE SPIRIT
  • 10/10/1988
  • France Paris Europe Canada Marseille
  • Student Sportsman Passionate person Engineer Cyclist
  • A runner fascinated By the 10km in the marathon, or more by way of the trail, the ultratrail eaten away by the envy(urge) to exceed always its limits.


  • : Sacha Cavelier stamina SPIRIT
  • Sacha Cavelier ENDURANCE SPIRIT
  • : 05/07/2010
  • : SportBike Cycling Running(Race) Trail Sport
  • : After three years of high school where I devote to the MOUNTAIN BIKE and pick up(take down) my High school diploma in sciences, I am a programme 1st year of preparatory class for high scientific school – math spé in Lyon where I discover the running. The distances lengthen(stretch out), and during my first year of Engineering school to St Etienne, I run(roam) a marathon. Then some, and I test on ultra. My training courses made in Canada make me discover the other visions of the sport, I swim and make my half first one IronMan. But I do not plan to stop(arrest) there. This blog tells my history(story).
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Legends of the stamina

Mike Horn, who made - between the others the world tour by the equator in 1 year and 5 months (40 000km), without motorized means, the world tour by the Arctic Circle in 2 years and 3 months (26 000km), without motorized means:

Http: // / article / 3039

Http: //

Le voyage interieur


Serge Girard, who beat from October 18th, 2009 till October 17th, 2010 the record of distance run(roamed) in 1 year, 27 011,88 Km is an average of 73,8 km / day.

Http: //


Kilian Jornet, who gained(won) three times the ultratrail of the Mont Blanc (166km in 21 years, and began a hunting in the records of ultra worldwide (GR20 in Corsica, Lake Tahoe in the USA, Pyrenees, the Kilimanjaro): Kilian Quest.

Http: // aspx


Marco Olmo, who became a world champion of ultratrail in 60 years, and won the ultratrail of the Mont Blanc (166 km) in the age of 59 years.

Http: //


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