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The Amazon, the universe is welcoming ?[1]

The girl of Eurysthée, Admétè, burned with envy(urge) to knot(tie) around its size(cutting) the golden belt which belonged to Ares. Hercule was in charge of going to seek the object with the Amazon, these women warriors who disdained the marriage.

Hercule cast anchor(put down roots) in the port(bearing) of Thémiscyra. The Queen of the Amazon, Hippolyté, got wind of her coming as well as the object of her journey. She(it) decided at once to return him(her) a courtesy visit, totally peaceful. Seduced by the imposing presence of the hero, she(it) offered him(her) spontaneously her(its) golden belt as a mark of her(its) love. Tired! Hera, transformed in the Amazon, spread everywhere the noise that the foreigner(foreign countries) had come to kidnap the queen. The rumour swelled so quickly that it was impossible to suffocate(suppress) him(it). Very angry, the riders reacted at once by bestriding their frames. They left at full gallop to destroy(annul) the ship of the intruder. By perceiving far off the cloud of dust lifted(raised) by so many hatreds, the hero believed in an unfair operation of the Queen. Without questioning him(it) more before he(it) killed her(it), tore away to(extracted) him(her) his(its) belt and got rid violently of aggressors by massacring them.

This episode investigates three important subjects which Venus knows well: the question of the link, the nature of the gift(donation) and the passage of the ground world towards the world of stars because the Belt is a symbolic image of the zodiacal belt. This one begins in 0 ° of the ram – the sign of March / Ares – but it is also justifiable to make him(it) begin in 0 ° Libra – the sign of Venus / Aphrodite because it is about both places where ecliptic and celestial equator cross themselves. Venus and Mars are agents of a golden belt, both code the beginning of the zodiac. The Amazon are the children of Ares and Harmony, they carry(wear) in their genes the violence of the fight in the name of the harmony.

For the moment the riders are women "Aries", voluntary, intuitive and impulsive, who inhale(suck up) all their strengths to be given itself to the hero come visit them. Nevertheless the thing(matter) is risked. The mythical situation is exactly inverted with regard to the one that had to face Pâris. The strength warrior of the Amazon them in, until now, makes a success(succeeds). They know that they want, based(established) a civilization and conquered of numerous territory, they know even how to harness their horses! All these symbolic qualities Pâris will have to learn them. One the modern Amazon would be a woman who knows exactly what she wants, in makes a success of a brilliant career(quarry) and comes true in the freedom of its mooses(run-ups). A single problem: the men(people) are reduced on the condition that nothing and are entitled to the word. Intuitive, the Amazon know perfectly it. That is why, with the best will of the world, their Queen offers her belt in brave warlike which ties up(accosts) him(it). Offered his(her,its) belt, it is nothing! By giving to the hero the symbol of her(its) monarchy(kingship) she(it) gives itself entirely to the man who came to look for her(it). It is the secret dream of the Aries, of which the biblical history(story) in held(retained) its sacrificial vocation. The free woman longs to give totally to the other one in her desire to produce this absolute link which, as a shade(shadow), taps her(it). The dark face of Pâris and the Libra consisted in denying the violence which its choices and its non-choices lifted(raised) in the relation, the dark face of Hippolyté and the Aries consists in, suddenly, in giving everything to the other one at the risk of getting lost. When the Queen offers her symbolic belt abroad the "panic" seizes her. His(her,its) name describes its deep nature because "Hippolyté" is exactly translated by « panic of horses ». In front of the imminence of the Meeting the panic woman and loses control of her internal mooses(run-ups).

Then the axis of the Belt asks this eternal question: is it necessary to be bound or to loosen(free)?

Any relation is abdication on one hand of freedom, nevertheless my freedom cannot have of sense(direction) without the other one. How be bound without being linked, how loosening(freeing) while keeping(preserving) an authentic dialogue? In brief, how transform the link in relation?

The Amazon have some ideas above, very imperfect. They knew, « for the first time in the history(story) » specify Apollodore, harness their horses to engage(start) the fight. But they still name with names of animals as "Mare" and " Black Mare " or words which sign the break of the link « as the one who tears away(extracts) » and « the one who removes(unties) horses ». They establish cities(estates) and spread their civilization by creating of the social link, but they long to remain virgin and deny a public role the other sex. These women sincerely wish to be bound with what comes from abroad (Hercule), with their internal mooses(run-ups) (horses) and with the collective (cities) but it succeeds in them only imperfectly every time: They engage(start) by mistake a fight against Hercule, their horses are still half wild, and the Hero appears when the conquerors had to withdraw from a big part(party) of previously conquered Asia. The woman the Amazon inhales(sucks up) of all its heart to be created of the link but, at the bottom of herself(itself), she "knows" better that the others because his(her,its) intuition never deceives her(it). And then, « to give his(her,its) belt », would mean especially, she(it) imagines, lose the initiative and the control over its life and over its fate.

Then appear drafts of panic just as the alliance(wedding ring) becomes possible. To understand(include) it it is enough to return this experience(experiment) on the psychological plan. How many couples part at the very moment when they decide to get married or simply to live together in a common apartment? The daily nearness with the other one makes them pass of lovers' status in that of the companions(journeymen), literally « those who eat the same bread ». This new alliance(wedding ring) is not obvious because the nature from the relation to the other one is transformed. And, for whom lives from the point of view of Venus ( the seduction) or of Mars the conquest), this proposition to meet the other one on the mode of the gift(donation), that is the mutual division(sharing), arouse a panic fear. Then the lovers destroy(annul) by the flight(leak) or by the violence this rising alliance(wedding ring).

Heracles considers betrayed while he is simply liked(loved). The hero does not recognize these women for their just(right) intentions. The man does not still see that the universe also works According to another law than that of the competition and the fight(wrestling): the generosity of the gift(donation) correlated in the feeling of gratitude to the kindness of the universe. Been used to take that he wishes at instigation of virile one will he(it) neglects this act of love and kills the unfortunate. The Queen of the Amazon is fascinated by the Hercule's physical beauty Venus of which is the emblem, the Warrior is still lived by the devil of the fight whose representative Mars is. Maybe he(it) had been able to become lovers as Venus and Mars during the episode of the net of Hephaestus. But the free gift(donation) of the belt lifts(raises) a wave of panic and Hercule imagines of improbable scénarii. Does not the woman try to treat(manipulate) him(it)? Is it a calculation? Does she so act to incite him(it) to lower(dim) her guarding(nurse)? From their part, the Amazon do not believe either in the willingness of the man and think of a guile.

Is he(It) so difficult for the man and the woman to receive confidently, without ulterior motives? We know generally how to set or look but receive? It supposes to believe in the free kindness: his, that of the others and that of the universe. This attitude of an angelica simplicity is literally revolutionary because it implies(involves) a change of plan of consciousness. Indeed, if the universe is welcoming it is not necessary any more to calculate to obtain the first place(square) neither to wonder to know if an eel hides under the rock, or even to fight compétitivement to obtain the biggest part of the market. In brief, the task of Hercule and Hippolyté consists in recognizing then in overcoming their deep fear of the outside world. For a long time the man and the woman grew that the fight was a necessity, even a natural way of functioning. Do not we tell us that the "struggle for existence", that the economic system translated from it " necessary competitiveness ", are inevitable in our biological and social world? The myth calls back us that a permanent fight for the survival would lead(drive) to the destruction of the civilization of the Amazon), the femininity ( Hippolyté) and would prevent us from contacting collectively a new plan of consciousness: that of the gift(donation) and the shared love ( the Belt).

Should I remind that the symbiosis and the diverse modes of cooperation biological as, for example, the pollination, were infinitely more effective for the evolution of the sorts(species) than the "natural" said selection? The episode of the Amazon warns us collectively against the ideologies of conquest, so wide-spread in our world, since the love life to the economic policies.

Maybe it is one of the Works the most difficult to carry out(to achieve). In spite of his(her,its) visible ease – take a belt to a woman, encircle who is given, that devil! - Hercule fails. The Queen died and the slaughter spreads as a powder trail.

The man and the woman concerned by this mythological episode understand that their will to conquer the sky by the strength, the civilization by the violence, the economic success by the competitiveness in brief! « The Belt by the war » is an obstacle in pursuit of their evolution. The heroes observe a new thing(matter) for which they were not prepared: they can win without fight, in a total confidence(trust) in the kindness and in the free access(wantonness) of the gesture(movement) of the universe.

To make a success of this Work, it thus is to agree to receive. The failure(defeat) of Hercule and Hippolyté underlines its supreme difficulty.

The troop of the Amazon which fought(disputed) Hercule belongs to the internal life of the man and the woman. The hero in for spot to eliminate ("to kill") the strengths which mine(undermine) the confidence(trust) mutual graft the lovers, the opposite strengths which delay the emergence of a civilization based(established) on this simple and new glance: sense(direction) of the gratitude.

The warrior undoes at first Aella « so named(appointed) for his lightness(thoughtlessness) to the running(race) »: the man "kill" his(her,its) incredible swiftness to escape ceaselessly towards the other one and the confrontation, he releases himself from his trend(tendency) to the flight(leak) of the meeting. Then the tour(ballot) of Prothoë came, « that we told to have gone out victorious from seven fights to duel »: he(it) gives up his(its) remarkable skill to forbid successfully on every plan of sound to be, of his(its) attitudes physical appearance(physics) in his(its) certainties metaphysics. Eriboée which(who) « boasted to need no help » represent his(her,its) difficulty asking of the help(assistant), by fear, pride or simple desire of autonomy. It is nevertheless the first condition to receive. Then came the tour(ballot) of the partners of Artémis huntress, Celéno, Eurybie and Phoebé, all three very warned in the art of the archery. « Throw of the arrows » a way is also to give in to the panic and to protect itself from the outside world. Hercule still overcame Philippis, Déjanire, Astérie, Marpé, Tecmesse and Alcippe on whom we miss, regrettably, information. In everything, the archer killed twelve famous Amazon. He(it) undid twelve opposite obstacles to the union of hearts. Then Mélanippè, one of their three Queens, « lost its kingdom and its freedom ». Now his(her,its) name is translated by " Black Mare ". What a beauty in the myth! The " black mare " loses its freedom and its kingdom! This extraordinary image says to us exactly this: the dark mooses(run-ups) of the being lose to provide them with manipulation.

Under pretext of freedom and success, exploits and conquests, how much " black mare " and the Amazon warlike internal, motivated by secret one panic, do they lead us by the nose?

By killing « panic of horses » ( Hippolyté) and by defusing the power of the " Black Mare » ( Melanippè) the man and the woman lived by this mythological episode gets rid of their fear of the meeting (the Golden belt) and of all their incredibly successful strategies focusing to hide somber mooses(run-ups) backs of the enviable qualities. Three queens of the Amazon he(it) does not stay more than Antiopé. This one will be made prisoner and offered in present to Thésée. Robert Graves translates Antiopé by " the facing face ". There is a lucid consciousness.

The passage of the mistrust in the confidence(trust) does not come true by armies, treaties of friendship, economic exchanges or even palaver. The myth proposes two complementary(additional) ways. That of the free gift(donation), feminine and radical, chosen by Hippolyté who offers his(her) kingdom abroad. But she(it) in the inconvenience to lead(infer) a risk-taking which can go to the destruction. That to say indeed about a person or about a company which would give everything, while waiting for with confidence(trust) (and naivety) that the world returns him(it) to him(her) hundredfold? This attitude is just nevertheless fundamentally but, to come true, she calls the male work of the internal warrior which "kills" twelve obstacles to the mutual confidence(trust).

The love is one effective antidote against the fear. But he(it) is insufficient to defuse her(it) durably. Hippolyté understood it by falling in love with the foreigner(foreign countries). She(it) was nevertheless crushed by the panic which dimmed(deafened) its heart.

The art to let arrive things is not obvious. How to experiment concretely this kindness of the universe? For example by leaving on roads totally soaked(filled) with the present moment, without knowing what to go to you to eat at noon nor when you go to sleep in the evening. Then the fundamental panic which lives in every human being with regard to his fundamental needs will clearly be seen and confronted. Then, maybe, of numerous "Hippolyté" will appear in the bend of a street, hands were filled with presents. "Maybe", because the hero knows the law of echo. He knows that if he has not killed his " black internal mare " yet this one will re-appear one day corner(place) of a dark street to panic him(it) and make him(it) again violently "competitive". He also knows that he will meet the kindness of the universe only if he has already contacted this kindness at the bottom of his own heart.

[1] The analysis of this mythological episode is developed in the work The way of the Hero, twelve Labours of Hercules ( Publishing(Editions) of Janus).

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Planets are gods. Their adventures are ours.

In the heart of the human psyche deceive big mythological scenes(stages) infinitely more fundamental than our cultural and social conditionings(packagings). By them and thanks to them we are transformed into depths, on condition however to dare to live them completely. These significant strengths are not personal, they belong to the universe of archetypes, they cross us and, in passing, transform us.

Each of us is in echo with one or several founding myths which are so many contact points with the spiritual world. Sometimes the events which they represent harpoon us, but it is to raise(to bring up) us better towards the light. Nevertheless the myth in itself is not the most essential, it is the process of metamorphosis to which it invites us which counts. These archives without age of the human psyche play the role of the map towards the territory. They indicate us the real tracks(runways) and the false roads, the directions(managements) and the purposes, the stations and the oases, the traps and the panoramic points of view. But they never dispense(exempt) us of leaving, on the contrary!

"Venus" results from the Indo-European root wen which means "wishing"; the Latin transformed him(it) veneris " sexual desire ", word there which gave French "poison". So of "value" in "poisonous" by way of "venal" Venus hides in its etymology all the range of its applications.

To shape the other one in the name of the love?

King of Cyprus, the place of birth of Venus, Pygmalion was in love with the goddess as soon as he perceived him(it). Regrettably! This one refused itself to him. Then he(it) decided to sculpture his(its) body in the stone. According to the progress of the work, the man became desperately loving of the rising image. Discouraged to live an unrequited love, he begged the (real) goddess to feel sorry for him. Sensitive to his(her) tears, Aphrodite penetrated into the statue and gave birth to him(her). The livened up(led) stone took the name of Galatée (« of one whiteness of milk »). Pygmalion is in love, not of a person, but an ideal of purity. Galatée door in its name the color white with a spotless perfection. There is a big naivety to shape a love relation exactly in compliance with the idealized image carried(worn) in the heart. The name of the sculptor is translated by « fist which trembles ». The fist is exactly against an opened, available and sensitive hand, capable of looking and of receiving. The five fingers close with strength on a single objective. Pygmalion is an obsession which serves only a single purpose: reveal the beauty of the other one in the name of the love. Grand gesture(movement) which the goddess is going to answer. Ambiguous gesture(movement), as are it all the meetings with an archetypal situation. Desperate gesture(movement) because never a statue stone will be the real Venus.

Without obsession, nothing big could occur. Without unchanging one passion, nothing magic would appear. The love of Pygmalien for his(her,its) good(property) liked(loved) transforms her(it) into a goddess haloed with beauty. His(her,its) attractive strength is so powerful as Aphrodite agrees to look a little of herself has this adulated image. And nevertheless! Galatée is not Venus but only her image, even completed.

Pygmalion imagines that, in the name of the love, it is going to be able to shape the other one for the fulfillment of its internal beauty. But other one becomes a "object" which budding(in the blade) Pygmalien tries to lead(drive) to the discovery of its soul. In reality the artist is in love, not of a person, but an ideal which he throws(plans) on this one. The love lights(enlightens) and heightens the beauty of the other one, but to want to realize this vision by trying to shape him(it) to the best of itself to give him(her) a new existence would make only a beautiful object feigning the alive beauty.

Even if both were born on the same island, Galatée is not Venus. The soul of the other one needs a welcome area to show itself, she cannot hug in a so bright and so just, prefigured shape she is. The internal beauty of a companion(journeyman) or a partner can be never totally sculptured by the trembling will of a stunned passion, it would be to manage her(it) towards spaces of revelation that are not exactly his. She(it) especially needs a hand opened to welcome him(it) without seizures of power, without assigned direction(management), without prérequises qualities.

Pygmalion forgets gladly that it shapes an image. He thinks of living with a goddess while the woman whom he sees in front of him is the fruit of her skill joined(contacted) to her loving imagination. He(it) perceives(collects) at first the light and the gifts(donations) of the other one, without knowing how to welcome his(its) shadows.

But the life does not offer that loving Pygmalions. Studies showed that when the teachers wait for good results(profits) of their pupils as well as an improvement of their intellectual abilities it occurs as imagined. But the opposite is true: if the professors wait for nobody particular results(profits), the performances of the students are going to stagnate or even to decrease.

The love is a powerful catalyst which accompanies the revelation and the growth of the gifts(donations) of each. But how many these students will follow later, let us say a literary sector(network), while their vocation is scientific, simply because their professor of French knew how to like(love) them?

And nevertheless! The one who would be shaped by no link of empathy would die from solitude. Other one becomes such as he(it) is seen. Is it really seen such as he(it) is? It is in any case the question that should settle(arise) Pygmalion.

We are in the presence of an archetypal situation which posts(shows) its intrinsic contradiction. The love carried(worn) in the others reveals their qualities, but this one always contains a part of obsession which locks into preestablished forms. This " conjunction of the opposite » guarantees the evolution of the psyche. She(it) maintains the person in a state of permanent questioning, more stimulating than all the answers which could be proposed to him(her).

Let us add that he(it) is dangerous for a mere mortal of bedtime(sunset) with the real goddess! Anchise still remembers it. Noticed by Aphrodite, this one metamorphosed into mortal to seduce tasty young man, what was not very difficult! Why such a subtlety? We tell that quite mortal which(who) would have a direct relation with a god or a goddess would age prematurely. And Anchise did not want to incur this risk! Knowing him(it), the goddess took care of revealing him(her) her identity only having shared her bed. She asked him(her) then to keep(guard) the biggest secret on their adventure. Now, a day when Anchise was drunk, he(it) boasted of his(its) memorable night. Hearing(understanding) it, Zeus, by pure jealousy, sent him(her) the lightning and the young man became lame for the remainder of his days.

The contact with a god or a goddess looks like a loving "love at first sight"("lightning stroke"), he(it) paralyzes the psyche and the body, he(it) immobilizes them and congeals them under the influence of a lightning revelation. Curiously "Anchise" evokes French "hip" which is exactly the physical place which feeds our faith to the divine.

By his(her) obsessional love focused on his(her) partner, a group of pupils, a social project where an artistic work, the pygmalien opens a door by where is going to come down(to fall) the presence of a God, or an archetype. It is necessary because any project at need of a soul to become really alive, to leave the state of the freestone filled with objectivity, with measures and with returns on investment. The challenge of Pygmalion consists in being allowed fertilize by the strength that his(her,its) friendly concentration in aroused, to be allowed dazzle and paralyze by the revelation of the beauties that he calls up with all his/her soul. Then only the goddess, her soul, can take all the space which she needs.

Luc Bigé

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Current crisis and ontological transfer(transformation)

" When Dionysus will guide, the earth(ground) will dance "


The current crises – ecological, economic, energy and ethical – are not commonplace in the sense(direction) where they would look like inevitable jolts(starts) in the continuous process of evolution of the human civilization. Their symbolic analysis shows that we are on the eve of a deep change of the human nature, the transfer(transformation) which already begins(primes).

Vast program that « to cure the planet »! What is it indeed that "to cure"("be cured")? What is it really that the "planet"? And what mean these two attached terms? Should the human being play it a role, and if yes which? And how?

To simplify it is necessary to us to put hypotheses and to adopt a philosophic posture, without which these questions would at least be abscondes and susceptible to multiple interpretations(performances). Let us admit here that the disease is the visible sign of a disharmony between the parts(parties) of a whole. The symptom also indicates(appoints) the process of the cure to recover this lost balance, but at a level of consciousness at once(at the same time) more precise and more including. Still let us admit that the "Earth" is a human being and, as specifies it the Tibetan, a non-sacred planet. Let us put finally the hypothesis that a sacred planet managed to merge sound mundi livened up(led) With his(her,its) material and biological nature. What a sacred space if it is not a directed geography where every cardinal point is meaningful, that is of a significant strength which soaks(fills) the visible worlds? We could then envisage the current disease of the planet as a necessary process for its regarding as sacred. It is these points which we are going to develop.

The current "disease"

There are several manners to diagnose her(it). The first one(night), developed by him(it) W.W.F.[1] And certain specialists of the evolution, consist in noticing that we go in fast walking(step) to the sixth big extinction. Five extinctions of mass have already impacted on the life on the Earth. Between 50 % and 95 % of the sorts(species) then disappeared, according to times(periods). The most former(ancient) listed, there has 500 million years, lives the disappearance of trilobites and brachopodes which had then invaded the marine environment(middle); the most recent, there has 65 My proceeded to the elimination of dinosaurs and, with them, disappeared 50 % of the alive sorts(species). That current is much faster than the previous ones because the speed of the disappearance of the sorts(species) is approximately one thousand times higher than during the other disasters. His(her,its) origin is of course anthropological. The action(share) of the man on the environment with the agriculture(farming), the urbanization, the industrialization and the pollution pulls(entails) irreversible modifications of the biosphere. It seems that such phenomena so radical arise when an alive sort(species) conquered all the available space, so putting the whole biological evolution in an impasse(dead end). It was the case for the trilobites of the Cambrian and the dinosaurs of the Cretaceous, it is the case today for the gay man(woman) sapiens.

Nevertheless, in spite of the succession of these disasters, the curve representing the increase of the number of the alive sorts(species) according to time(weather) always returns there where she(it) should have been if these phenomena had not taken place. The "disasters" are indeed followed by the appearance of a bloom of new sorts(species). Everything takes place as if, in danger, the life developed an extraordinary creativity. It is, besides, thanks to the disappearance of the dinosaurs that the man exists. Mammals appeared about at the same time as dinosaurs, in Sorted out Superior(Higher education), there is about two hundred and thirty million years. Hanging 165 million years, they evolved in the shade(shadow) of the big reptiles, being certainly transformed, but remaining small – of a size(cutting) lower than that of a cat - and little diversified. Then dinosaurs disappeared. About ten million years "only" after the disaster of the limit Crétacé-Tertiaire, there were already mammals of a very respectable size(cutting) (of the size(cutting) of a bear), adapted to varied lifestyles. Today, 65 million years after the crisis, our world is populated with rats, with bats, with whales, with elephants, with anteaters, with wasps, with horses and with human beings. This world so varied is the result(profit) of a vast evolutionary radiation thanks to the disappearance forced by dinosaurs. So the big extinctions are all of tremendous factors(mailmen), if it is not of "progress", at least of renewal.

The formidable crisis which cross the other reigns of the nature under our blinded(filled) eyes is accompanied with a crisis of the humanity taken in the totality of its history(story). There are several manners to show her(it), we shall develop only two here[2]. Since the time(period) of the hunters-gatherers, there is approximately two hundred thousand years, the speed of the communications accelerated in a exponential way. This one conditions(packages) in his turn the acceleration of the discoveries, the transmission of the ideas and the speed of the technical and social evolutions.

There is thirty thousand years the primitive tribe still knew only the word and the legs, it needed considerable time(weather) to pass on its ideas to his(her) neighbors. Several millenniums sometimes passed by before peoples of different origins meet and decide to war or to exchange their potteries and his women. There is five thousand years approximately the nomadic peoples then the farmers managed to domesticate animals to move: camel, horse and donkey. The communication became suddenly considerably faster, the deadline(extension) to exchange ideas passes suddenly of the century in the year. For three centuries only, the industrial world multiplies in the envy(urge) cars, telegraphic ways, boats of big tonnage and airliners so that the time(weather) of average movement to pass on an information from a point to other one of the planet is reduced in the day. Finally, since less than thirty years, Internet go at the speed of light. Any new scientific discovery is immediately passed on towards all the laboratories of the planet. Making road the communications released themselves from the subject in passing of the person in the horse, then in the car and finally in the computer, this screen behind which we look at the world with a process of increasing emotional disinvestment, unless living in the bubble of the imagination. The speed of transmission of the knowledge accelerates the process of evolution by reducing considerably the time(weather) put by an invention to make the tour(ballot) of the planet, but its price(prize) is expensively paid because the man thinks less and less of his(its) being to move away more and more of himself(itself) and evacuate his(her,its) participation sensitive to the outside world.

The means of exchange are in keeping. They pass too of the earth(ground) towards the sky, the concrete towards the abstract. The object exchanged by the nomads is transformed at first into token(counter) of money(silver) or bronze at the farmers. Then the metal loses of its density to multiply under the shape of paper money and actions(shares) with the industry. Finally he(it) disappears in the invisible, conveyed on the waves of the banking exchanges, reduced to a simple figure on an account in the whirlwind generated by the computing exchanges. In the end(final), the horse, the field and goat(tackle) became pure numbers.

And then, between the Neolithic and now, we live an extraordinary acceleration of time(weather). Not that he(it) is him(it) theoretically, but our sense(direction) of time(weather) Is reduced himself(itself) to the very short term. Today nobody envisages seriously the future in more than 10 years while the Egyptians built graves-pyramids to assure(insure) the eternal life of their occupants with foods, cattle and servants. Nevertheless if, as we suggested him(it) previously, the acceleration of the history(story) is proportional in the time(weather) which puts an information to make the tour(ballot) of the planet, infinitely long (with regard to a human life) at the age of caves, as quick as lightning todaySuch an acceleration cannot continue any more. After the hunters-gatherers, the farmers, the industrialists and creative cultural, we know that it is impossible to go towards the " fifth age ", not only because of its mythological vacancy, but also for a purely physical cause: the speed of light is in theory and experimentally indépassable.

In front of us, the wall.

Is not it symptomatic that this place which gathers(combines) maximal speed, values reduced to figures on a bank account, a worship(cult) of the pure number which erases the ethics, there where the time(weather) became some money(silver) is exactly called Wall Street, the " street of the wall »?

After the nomads, the farmers, the industrialists and the computer specialists, there will be no fifth time(period) of the civilization because the speed of light is physically indépassable.

Unless a radical change of the human nature.

Today the choice is between the Apocalypse and the Illumination. The current crisis is not economic nor even ecological, it is ontological. She invites the human being in a collective initiation which will lead(drive) him(it) towards a new sort(species). And any initiation supposes a radical abandonment(relinquishment) of the former(ancient) way of representing itself the world.

The great shift

Are there signs of the approach? And what could she indeed look like? How to make as well as the dinosaur which knew so outstandingly how to be transformed at the approach of the big disaster by becoming a bird? What "bird" is going to spring from the modern man, this marvel in danger?

The first historic attempts to go towards a " new man " date only the "great war 1914-1948", a period given rhythm by two successive meetings enters Saturn (the principle of reality) and Pluto (the principle of metamorphosis)[3] And marked by the discovery of this last planet in 1930 by Percival Lowell and Clyde Tombaugh. Both faces of his(her,its) astrological sense(direction) are already coded in the names of their discoverers: the " death(" dead man) (tomb ) as far as aught ) » on one side and the " good love » of the other one! « Drill heroically the valley (percival) who leads(drives) towards the love of the heart unless meeting the grave of the human race ». Such is the symbolic program of Pluto and, historically, the Second World War where from springs a new barbaric and immature political vision: the National Socialism took the power in Reishtag in 1931, on exactly one year after the discovery of Pluto. IN THE EAST, this attempt to create a " new man " was already in the air(sight) for some years. Between 1917 and 1933 the soviets imposed to the Russian people a forced march towards the multiculturalism in the name of an ideal of transformation(processing) of the human nature. If the political forms die because of their immaturity, the ideals persist in the collective unconscious. After the failure(defeat) of the attempts of metamorphoses of the old man in a new man by the myth and the war ( the Nazism), then by the collectivization and the idealism ( the communism), the mechanical way and materialist persists: our "elites" still dream about bionic man and of " superman » in the "improved" genome in whom base themselves(establish themselves,themselves) nanotechnologies, biology and chips.

These three attempts, a little bit crazy, are based(established) on a conception materialist of the man ( the modern biology), on an idealism blinding(filling) ( the communism) and, in a more radical way with the National Socialism, on the myth of an ancestral pure race. If the collective unconscious asserts urgent required to transform the human nature, he(it) has difficulties to carry out(to achieve) him(it). But finally, dinosaurs did not become birds in a single day! The membership(support) of the human consciousness in the myth of the superman showed itself fundamentally destructive, it chose the way of the death and not the breakthrough of the veil towards the love. The idealism forced by the socialist company(society) without classes quickly sank into the ideological reeducation. Finally the contemporary choices to tinker the human body are certainly so dangerous, although we do not still realize it, because they worship our biological material(subject), this temple of the Spirit.

Is there then the fourth way which would lead(drive) towards the transformation(processing) of the man?

The year of the discovery of Pluto, in 1930, Sri Aurobindo published to Pondichéry an entitled opuscule the superman. He(it) will develop later this vision in another work, The demonstration(appearance) of Supramental on the Earth.

Does this vision become a reality today? The testimonies taken in by the Austrian director Peter-Arthur Straubinger In her documentary "Light" seem to go to this sense(direction)[4]. How much are they these persons who do not feed more than on energy éthérique (or prana), without solid food and sometimes without water, in the world? One thousand, five thousand, ten thousand? The opinions diverge on this point. We met two, the one in Portugal is a housewife, she cooks for her children. Other one lives in Nantes and lives on prana from now on eight years. Both live intensely in the heart. Henri Monfort organizes sessions of 21 days to set up the pranique food. He insists on the alignment of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to carry out(to achieve) this ontological transfer(transformation) and defines three criteria of success: a division by two of the time(weather) of sleep, the sensation to have a big energy and the stabilization of the physical weight. Most of the persons having made a success of the change of food made him(it) gradually by becoming vegetarians then crudivores and finally praniques. And then there is a case amazing these young artists " respiriens " in Ecuador, Camila and Akahi, who have just brought into the world a girl[5]….

What he(it) of remarkable there, it is that this phenomenon is global and independent of the philosophies, the religions and the spiritual practices. Some arrived there spontaneously by realizing suddenly that they could not eat any more of food, the others by practising the process of 21 days proposed by Jasmuheen, the others else by long practices of chi kong and diligent respiratory exercises.

What is remarkable it is that for the first time in the history(story) of the humanity certain specimens of our sort(species) break the mortiferous circle where the life has to take sustenance of the death of the other sorts(species). Here the life feeds on the life.

And the lightness(thoughtlessness), the freedom, the flexibility and the opening of the heart take him(it) on the other considerations.

The thing(matter) seems so simple and so incredible as almost totality of the scientists and the immense majority of the public adopt an attitude of denial in front of the evidence[6] ! Everything takes place as if the common consciousness wanted or could not see the current transfer(transformation) which upsets radically one hundred thousand years of faiths: it is necessary food of the solid food to live. It asks obviously a question today without answer: how thus make cells(units) to feed only on prana?

After the failed collective attempts, or in the process of the being, of the National Socialism, of the communism and of the bionic man, after the individual success of respiriens to some specimens of the human race everything around the planet, would there be the other forerunners which would indicate us that the great shift of the human being is in progress?

We know that the radioactivity is correlated to the symbolism of Pluto. The first nuclear reaction realized in laboratory was it on the eve of the discovery of the planet, by the German scientist Otto Hahn in December, 1929; the accidents of Tchernobyl and Fukushima burst when Pluto had a remarkable position in the sky: his(her,its) entrance(entry) to Scorpio in April, 1986 in the half-square of Uranus then to Capricorn in the square of the same planet in March, 2011. Two zones of exclusions followed, restored in the nature and thus free of the pressure of selection bound(connected) to the presence of the human race.

How to read symbolically these events? It is the sign that the moment came to integrate(join) psychology spiritually that the radioactive material(subject) realizes objectively, namely three characteristics of the radioactivity: the spontaneous broadcast(emission,issue) of light, the transformation(processing) of the state of the material(subject) and a physical demonstration(appearance) has causal clause[7] ?

But is not it it that lives the contemporary respiriens? They feed on light, they radically changed the plurimillénaires habits of the human body and are allowed guide by the synchronicités of their existence. Then, more need of « zones of exclusion » to free(release) the planet of the human greediness because the food-processing industry will not any more take place to be, no more than pharmaceutical industries and consumerist model which is mostly a compensatory consolation bound(connected) to the low(weak) alignment between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of the man.

Certainly, the planet is sick because numerous sorts(species) disappear in a vertiginous speed. And the human race arrives at the term of a long psychological and social development which has, today, not the other horizon than the opaque wall: that of the stock exchange(grant). Nevertheless the Nature and the soul of the world have more than a tour(ballot) in their bag. The big ecological, extremely rare disasters in the long history(story) of the planet, the five or six only, allowed every time the explosion of the life and the bloom of new sorts(species). The only real challenge is to know if we shall know how to accompany consciously this historic passage by choosing to become a new sort(species), or if the pressure of the events will be the prickle of our metamorphosis towards a world where the space will be crowned and where the time(weather) of the causality will be dissolved.

[1] World Wildlife Fund, http: // to

[2] Luc Bigé, Prométhée, sublime irreverence ( Janus).

[3] Luc Bigé, seven days of the creation of Israel ( Janus).

[4] To see also the conversations(maintenances) spread(broadcasted) by the Internet television channel http: // / fr / bmd/? Sca=bmd3 in the keyword " breatharianism " (subtitled in 42 languages(tongues) of which French).

[5] Both feed only on prana for several years. If the body can live normally in these conditions he can also give birth, as shows him(it) their testimony spread(broadcasted) on YouTube: http: // astilo-enceinte.html

[6] In the same order of idea, but in a lesser degree, a journalist wrote a day in a big French monthly magazine, on the occasion of a survey(investigation) on India, that Saï Baba, as it was said, transformed objects into ashes. We know that it is nothing because it realizes, among other things, of the vibuti, this "ash" which(who) the Indians of the ashram use to underline the space of the third eye. Everything takes place as if the thought of the realization seemed to him(her) so impossible as, it a kind of unconscious denial, he(it) had transformed the phenomenon into something supposed more acceptable because observable in the nature: burn objects. Nevertheless thousands of persons, whose author of these lines, was able to observe the creation of vibuti and to return it a little at home!

[7] See Hubert Reeves's article in the collective work Synchronicté, soul and science ( Albin Michel).

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The astrology

The astrology is infinitely more than a technique capable of speaking about the person and, possibly, the events which punctuate his(her,its) life. It is above all, for us, a philosophy practises(has a practice) Which(Who) has the merit to connect(bind) the abstract with the concrete, the archetype with the everyday life and the sense(direction) with the event. That is why an astrological theme spreads(displays,deploys) at once(at the same time) on the plans metaphysics (the sense(direction) of the existence), psychological (the knowledge of one) and practice (its implementation in its life). Often the schools of astrology specialize in the one or other one of these approaches while this one permanently start resonating the some with the others. The events which arrive at me speak to me about whom I am on the psychological plan. "What", in his turn, serves as vehicle for the expression of the strengths present transpersonnelles at the source of any poetry and of any creation.

Certainly, the prediction of the events from the native theme is possible. Still it is necessary to wonder which sense(direction) it can have. Too often the prediction serves to congeal the consciousness in the wait(expectation) or in the fear of what is supposed to happen. It would then be to make an enfermante astrology that focuses the attention of the consultant on a événementielle shape at the risk of darkening the release(extension) of consciousness which this event could produce. In a a little bit provocating way we often say that the outside world does not exist. It is simply the reflection of our most inmost thoughts. All which arrives at us – a meeting, a professional change or a disease - can then be read in a symbolic way because this "event" is a refused sense(direction) which crystallized in an objective shape. When this sense(direction) is integrated(joined) into the consciousness the event does not any more take place to be, or, in any case, put no more difficulties. Every outside situation becomes then alive one mirror of usEven which(who) helps us to increase(grow), that is to become what we are. The role of the astrologer should not be, in these conditions, to plan an event but to show in what this situation can occur and will occur if its underlying signification is not perceived(collected) in advance. And so the predictive astrology can move on to the second function(office) of the reading of the theme: the knowledge of one

The psychological interpretation(performance) of the native theme does not replace a therapeutic work. If the reading of the theme pulls(entails) awarenesses, the experience(experiment) shows that these are often covered by return in the everyday life. On the other hand, the astrological reading can advantageously accompany a therapeutic work by managing the attention of the person towards the nature of its reports(memoirs) of suffering, but also towards its gifts(donations) and its particular qualities to help him(it) to spread(display) its deep nature. Furthermore, the theme will say the working type(chap) of the most adequate personal fulfillment, and the best moment to carry out(to achieve) him(it).

Come down(Fall) in the heart of itself opens on the others and on the world. No in a conventional and cultural way, but by the way of the heart. It is all the theme there of the myth of Narcissus that describes above all a process of knowledge of one. To go at the bottom of his(her,its) uniqueness opens to big beating the doors of the universal. At this moment the astro-psychology becomes an astro-mythology and the question « how may I make a success of my life and develop my potential? "Becomes" how may I carry out(achieve) my fate and make a success of the mission of my soul? ». The big myths as Prométhée, Icare or Narcissus propose us a kind of instructions for use of spiritual development by warning us against the traps of the road. The native theme is then useful to know our (or our) founding myth. We enter here the astrology of the Black Moon which describes how the universal is ardently embodied and intransigence in a particular person.

This direct contact with the divine spark in itself, this metaphysical plan of the being, opens another new road: contact with livened up(led) him(it) mundiThe soul of the world. The astrologer who makes a commitment in this practical exploration what it was advisable to call the world astrology. Here still, the prediction of the world events should be only the consequence of a philosophy and a vision, she cannot be one end in itself. The world astrology questions the sense(direction) In The History(Story) (and not the sense(direction) Of The history(story)) and, to formulate him(it) as it, describes the rhythms of embodiment of the soul of the world on the Earth by means of the human communities. It is not the history(story) which has create the myths, but the myths which produce the history(story). This subject is in reality of an extreme importance. Better to understand(include) him(it) would allow us, finally, to take collectively in hand the conditions of our future, rather of than to live in a chaotic civilization which advances(moves) without direction(management) nor purpose.

The astrology is a science of the sense(direction) which without ever congealing them Value systems. It is the language consisted of symbols that facilitates us This big crossing which goes of the questioning on particular events to our existence until the understanding of the big challenges of the history(story) of the world, by way of the personal fulfillment and the spiritual questioning. It can seem extravagant, but the reason is simple there: the nature obeys not only laws mechanicsShe(It) also works as a unity(unit) where events, psychology, transcendence and History(Story) interfécondent permanently. This unity(unit) is ordered by the analogical thought which is exactly the one that uses the astrology and, more widely, the symbolic systems.

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Astrological glossary

Increasing square
Lessening square

The moon

Body / organization
Signs of the zodiac


Retour Index Analogy: Operation which consists in putting in report(relationship) some Bodies( Or organizations) belonging to one Plans Different and to compare theirFunctions(Offices). This mental operation has a double objective:

- Supply information on the unknown levels by extrapolating the information given by the best known levels.

- Develop a vision of the world which emphasizes the resemblances and the complementarities rather than on the individual differences.

The analogical reasoning is relevant only if it is interested in the functions(offices), independently of the forms. So, develop an analogy between the bio-psychic structure of the man and that of the nation give us only information on him(it) Sense(Direction)She(It) will not reveal us the key of possible disfonctionnements mechanics. The analogy is a good tool of understanding but a pitiful tool of action(share). Conversely the mathematical logic is an excellent tool of action(share), but a pitiful means of understanding. Let us remind that to classify, to write equations, to draw curves, is not to understand(include). The best example remains that of the quantum mechanics: the physicists verify experimentally the relevance of the theory but the controversy reigns as soon as it is a question of knowing what it wants to say!

You should not confuse(merge) the analogy with the metaphor. The analogy decodes reports(connections) of Sense(Direction)The metaphor illustrates an idea by means of an image. " The white snow-covered coat " is a metaphor. On the other hand to put in relation the economic expansion with the growth of the child is one Analogy : Both, belong to different plans, but they live the same phase of development which will succeed, if everything is well, in a slowing down and in a reorganization of their metabolism. This "metabolism", in the case of the child, takes the shape of the biochemical mechanisms, and, in the case of the economy, takes the shape of the couple production / consumption. This is unimportant as far as the analogical reasoning has only to make mechanisms bound(connected) to such or such level of organization.

Retour Index Aspect: Angular relation between two planets of the solar system. Certain aspects are more important than the others as regards the points of crisis of one Body Or of an organization. They are the aspects of Conjunction ( 0 °), of Square ( 90 °) and Opposition ( 180 °). He(it) exists in quite 22 aspects which structure the whole cyclic process.

Retour Index Astrology: Symbolic language used to discover the geography of the world of Sense(Direction). It presupposes the existence of a universe of Meanings And of abstract tools capable of representing him(it). These "tools", they arePlanets Aspects And Signs of the zodiacIntegral parts of the astrological model. The astrology is for the world of the sense(direction) that are the mathematics for the physical world: a railing(bar) of decoding. The comparison stops(arrests) there: the way of thinking which is connected with it and the questions which mathematical and astrology answer are quite other. The one codes and decodes meanings, the other code and decodes mechanisms. Let us specify that there is no astral determinism, no predetermination, no fate. " Of influence " planets and signs of the zodiac on the Man and the companies(societies). They are, at the most, signposts(road signs) for the traveler avid to give an increasing of sense(direction) to his(her,its) life and to that of the world where he lives. Let us illustrate it by means of an image. It is not the electromagnetic strength of the red light that immobilizes the motorist on the road, but sense(direction) whom(that) he attributes(awards) to him(her). Although it is not about an explicable physical action(share) by the science, the efficiency of the light signal nevertheless is not to be questioned any more!

Retour Index Libra: Seventh Sign of the zodiacSeventh phase of one Cycle. At the time of this period of its evolution the body tries to establish just(right) relations with its environment and, more particularly, with his(her) peers. His(her,its) big concern(preoccupation) is to find the just tone, with diplomacy, to say, make, create. In the stage Libra Bodies Loathe the conflict and make all their possible to find solutions of reassurance. It seems important, at the moment, to participate in the cultural activities of time(period) because it is in this place that the other one, this stranger, is met without danger under the protection of the savoir-vivre, the politeness and the social standards. The capacity to cooperate with the "nonego", with "quite other", is the fruit of this stage when it is successfully exceeded. In the field of politics(policy) this phase stresses the role of the diplomatic services, the social and international dialog, the intercultural exchanges. To know more about it

Retour Index Aries: The first one Sign of the zodiac And first phase of one Cycle. It is a phase of beginnings - and of resumptions - in the enthusiasm and the strength, but also in the subjectivity and the lack of room. Psychologically and spiritually it is essential to adhere(subscribe) unconditionally to the internal conviction which burns at the bottom of the heart (or guts(tripes), according to the level of reading) because it is the best rampart against the fragility and the feeling of solitude there that all the time threaten to put out(switch off) the flame of the revival. The characters having expressed in their life this quality of energy with intensity gave a new start to a domain of the human experience(experiment). Let us quote Van Gogh in the artistic world or Descartes in the philosophic field. The Aries contains in itself all the other signs, the direction(management) which will chooseBody In answer to the needs of future (his, that of its community, even the humanity, according to the level of reading) will give an orientation to the whole zodiacal cycle. In the field of the History(Story) this period is generally untold, unless the flame of the revival manages to shine with years later. Then these moments will be read by the historians as a generative time(weather) - seed of new ideas and will of changes. Negatively, in case of failure(defeat), the old world will look vaguely how went out the crazy attempt of some militant idealists. What is essential, here, it is not to make a mistake about fight. The failure(defeat) or the success of the whole cyclic process depends on it.To know more about it

Retour Index Cancer: Fourth Sign of the zodiacThe fourth phase of one Cycle. HereBody Turn(Shoot) his(her,its) glance to himself(itself) and realizes that he(it) is at once insignificant and indispensable. In the heart of this diverting(confusing) paradox he has to find his just place(square). Insignificant because he(it) becomes aware of the vastitude of the world and of his(its) dangers, he(it) realizes his(its) weakness and his(its) inexperience. Indispensable because he(it) feels unique(only) and, as such, extremely precious for the universe. All his(her,its) efforts will be turned(shot) to a clarification, so big as possible, of its sense(direction) of the identity. This phase is in analogical relation with the " fourth reign " of the nature, the human "reign", too insignificant and indispensable in the economy of the biosphere. In the psychological field this phase Cancer announces a narcissistic stage where the being tries to contact the quintessenciée flower of himself who shows through through his reflection: The reflection of its body in the mirror, the reflection of its psychology in the other people's opinion, the reflection of what he(it) is in his(its) way to live his(its) cockpit(passenger compartment) (body, house, place of life). In the political arena, the culture and the state economy withdraw on themselves, adopt protectionist measures, until the sense(direction) of the collective identity is strengthened; in the commercial world it is the universe of the marks(brands) that stamps clearly, in the imagination, the identity of products proposed in the sale. About is the nature of the concerned body (physical, psychic, economic, national) the phase Cancer signs the birth in the consciousness of the specificity of itself. This one, once bare and fed by attentions, will be expressed loud and clear in the following sign: Lion. Then only the individual will get the attention of the group on his profit, the nation will be worried about its international brilliance(radiation) and trademarks will advertise. To know more about it

Retour Index Capricorn: Tenth Sign of the zodiacTenth phase of one Cycle. Phase of consolidation of the experiences of the previous sign (Sagittarius) Consolidation by means of the law, of the multiplication(increase) of rules and regulations(payments). The hour is not any more for the expansion but on the way back towards the tradition, the safe(sure) and tried values, the social stability. The State takes more and more importance, supported by the executive arm: the administration. Jurists, lawyers(avocados) and the other technocrats become the referees of the nation and the international contacts. There is here a risk of fold on one, séparativité, confinement in an ivory tower carefully protected by borders so tight as possible. During this phaseBody Learns to limit his(her,its) growth which recovered from the phase SagittariusAnd so he(it) gives itself an identity capable of resisting time(weather). If he crosses(exceeds) this stage successfully he can become one "image-father", a reference center which we come to consult for its wisdom arisen from the experience(experiment).To know more about it

Retour Index Square: Aspect of 90 ° ± 8 ° ofOrbe.

Retour Index Increasing square: A square is said "croissant"("crescent") when Planet The fastest is in 90 ° ± 8 ° in front of the slowest, in the sense(direction) of Signs of the zodiac. We also used, to indicate(appoint) him(it), the expression " first square " because he is the first one to form during the cyclic process. The rate (or speed) planets is proportional at their distance in the Sun. In here is the list, of the fastest towards the slowest: The moon Mercury VenusSun Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune And Pluto. Let us specify that the Moon and the Sun are not planets but, respectively, satellite and star.

This point of Cycle Imply(Involve) very often a decision-making to concretize the present idea in germ in her(it) Conjunction. An absence of decision, by fear of giving up the past or due to the lack of faith in the future, could question the success of the whole cyclic process. This "decision" is generally - but not inevitably - implementation under the pressure of a period of crisis: there is fight(wrestling) enter an uncertain future (the promises of the opposition to come) and a past become more and more uncomfortable ( the conjunction). In the historic processes, at the time of the increasing square, the strengths between the former(ancient) and the new balance each other, often in favour of the former(ancient) but that is there only an appearance rarely confirmed afterward events.

Retour Index Lessening square: A square is said "decreasing" when Planet The fastest is in 90 ° ± 8 ° behind the slowest, in the sense(direction) of Signs of the zodiac ( That is 270 ° in front of the slowest). We also used the expression " second square " to indicate(appoint) him(it).

This moment of the cyclic process implies(involves) a "moral conflict", a questioning on the validity of the former(ancient) structures and the former(ancient) lifestyles, in particular those who were perceived(collected) as an outcome at the time of him(her,it)Opposition. These forms are still capable of conveying the idea-seed of her(it) Conjunction Or are they obsolete? The decreasing square announcement in a prophetic way the turnovers which concocts the future conjunction. At the same time the ageing institutional forms let flow back the ideals of the former(ancient) conjunction towards him(it) No-man's-land Disappointments, while the dogmatism keeps increasing.

Retour Index Conjunction: Aspect Of 0 ° ± 10 ° ofOrbe. Both PlanetsOr Functions(Offices)In conjunction merge their Inergies In an intense subjectivity. It is the moment-seed which is going to confer its note to the set(group) of Cycle Of relation between both planets. A conjunction always symbolizes a beginning with its values of fascination, fragility, exaggeration and confusion. The note of this first impulse will be given by him(it) Zodiacal sign The conjunction, on the other hand the mode of expression of this note is specific planets in conjunction. To illustrate it let us say that the sign represents, for example, a "fa", while planets inform us about the musical instrument which plays this note. The signs, as the notes, are not shown as long as no instrument (planet) plays them. In the field of the History(Story) the periods of conjunction promise approximately three years of chaos during which the new ideas try hard to be imperative(to lead). These risk nevertheless to die, crushed by the ideologies and the still powerful lifestyles of the former(ancient) cycle.

Retour Index Cycle: Symbol Often represented diagrammatically by a circle. A cycle has two constituents: a structure and a contents. The structure does not vary, it repeats infinitely cycles after cycles. Aspects Astrological train(form) the weft. On the other hand the contents change a cycle in the other one according to several parameters: the nature inergétique of the beginning of the cycle (expressed by him(it) Sign Of the conjunction and the nature of Planets Spouses); the degree of sensibility of Bodies And organizations supposed to express the contents of a given cycle; the weight of past, that is the memory(souvenir) of what was carried out(achieved) or let unfinished in the previous cycles and, especially, the increasing capacity of the Man imagine and create his future by using the energy materials and inergétiques at his/her disposal at some point of the history(story), and its personal history(story). Let us specify that a cycle can have any duration, that it has a thousandth of second or a millennium its structure always remains the same. This precision is of importance because, because the cycle contains of Sense(Direction)This property lights(enlightens) the fractale nature of the sense(direction). ThereAstrology The zodiac is an archetypal cycle: the continuation(suite) of 12 signs expresses in an embellished with images way the sense(direction) and the structure of all the cycles.

Retour Index Event: Crystallization, on him(it) Plan Physical appearance(Physics), of an information which beforehand put on a mental "material"("subject"), an emotional "material"("subject") and a éthérique "material"("subject"). Formulated otherwise, in a less technical way, it means that, so that an event takes place, a process has to develop an idea abstracted under the shape of a coherent speech, this speech has to be magnetic enough to attract(entice) emotionally the crowds and finally that its strength is assured(insured) by a some financing. At any time a "event" can fail(have a miscarriage) if these conditions are not filled(performed). As a general rule the events take place in the stages of bigger tension of the cycle, at the time of Squares And Oppositions. They are irreversible stages before every new phase of the cyclic process.

Retour Index Function(Office): A function(office) works! It seems an evidence but the function(office) is often, wrongly, confused(merged) with the mechanism. Say about a car that she(it) works mean that she(it) carries out(achieves) it why she(it) is made: run(drive). There is there no allusion to the four-stroke engine, but much rather to the returned service. Now, in the question on the functioning of the cell(unit), the company(society), the market economy, etc. he(it) is invariably answered "mechanism": translation and transcription of the genetic code, the social reports(connections), the production / consumption, etc. And so the question of Sense(Direction) - To what that is of use ? - is generally evacuated for the benefit of a question of mechanics - how does it work? A function(office) has for signature a service returned independently of the specific way this service is returned. The way of making will depend on available materials on him(it) Plan Where is situatedBody Considered, but he(it) is unimportant, at least in the analogical reading of the History(Story) developed here. There is a number limited by functions(offices) indispensable to the autonomy of a body and\or of an organization. These are generally indicated(appointed) by names of Planets As "Saturn""Uranus"Or"Pluto". About is the level of organization the same functions(offices) are for the work which amounts to saying that "Saturn", for example, will have of the sense(direction) in the biological, psychological, sociological, historic and spiritual worlds. Obviously, the shape which will take this function(office) to work will confidentially be connected to the physical constraints of the considered level of organization, but its sense(direction) will remain intact.

Retour Index Inergie: Equivalent of "energy" but in the universe-subject. The employment(use) of this term is preferable in the expression " psychic strengths " because we cannot speak about "strengths", to the scientific sense(direction), to describe what no measuring device is capable of registering(recording). We forged the word of " inergie " to avoid the too often maintained confusion which lets hear(understand) that the " psychic energies " as the will, the love, the desire, the "magnetism", etc. could have an energy nature in the physical sense(direction) of the term. Inergies establishes(constitutes) the founding weft of the world of Sense(Direction)Exactly as the energies are at the source of the objective reality. Their physical nature is unknown. To know more about it see The reunited Man.

Retour Index Jupiter: Fifth Planet Of the solar system, she(it) symbolizes the capacity of everything Body To extend in the space. But it is necessary to include all the metaphoric spaces there: social, territorial, psychic and spiritual spaces, according to the level of sensibility and the nature of the body. This last one does not extend by the fight (Mars) But by the influence. It is not its will or its aggressiveness who allow him(her) to conquer the world but its capacity to be assimilated, to be made his, the nonego. Where from, generally, a good integration of the body in its environment(middle) with the advantages and the inherent inconveniences: abundance (physical appearance(physics): weight; emotional: enjoyment; mental: knowledges; morality: fame; financier: wealth, etc.) And conventionalisme. More profoundly Jupiter symbolizes to feed him(it). Now to feed it, an effective shield to die him(it), represents the physical foundation of the analogical thought because it is the first action(share) of the fellow man on the fellow man, the alive there on the alive. The " magic thought ", which is not in reality a thought but an analogical faith, considered that to eat a powerful animal made powerful. Here the principle of influence is literally taken. Our companies(societies) use him(it) on levels a little more abstracted in the sense(direction) from " credit note of the influence " by knowing socially representative persons. The food, for a nation, represents its way, literally, to integrate(join) the foreigner(foreign countries). We have here all the policies of assimilation, all the attitudes which maintain the unity(unit) of the national model by returning the other fellow man to one so that he can make useful and create some more of abundance. It sometimes happens that the excess of "food" ( a too important immigration) provokes a refusal(discharge) of the nonego, the crisis of faith (e), so stimulating the nationalism.

The global symbolism learns us that there are three manners to manage the relation in the nonego, symbolized by three Planets "Social": MarsJupiter and Saturn :

- By increasing the intimidation thanks to the strengths of fight (armed(equipped), police): Mars

- By assimilating the foreigner(foreign countries) to integrate(join) him(it) into the culture of the nation: Jupiter

- By hardening the controls on the borders: Saturn.

They are, in reality, three manners "to kill" the otherness: physically by expelling him(it), culturally by assimilating him(it), intellectually in the ignoramus. Only three transsaturniennes planets- Uranus Neptune And Pluto - How indicate us working in interdependence with the foreigner(foreign countries): on the mental plan by respecting his(her,its) freedom (Uranus), emotional by liking his(its) differences (Neptune), and physical by uniting our strengths with him (Pluto). Every time the order of Plans Physical appearance(Physics) Emotional And Mental Respect the astronomical order of the planets of the solar system.

Retour Index Lion: Fifth Sign of the zodiacThe fifth phase of everything Cycle. Period of assertion of him(her,it)Body ( Of an individual, a nation, a company, etc.) which became aware of its real needs in the previous sign, Cancer. Phase of use of the personal power to oblige the outside world to recognize its gifts(donations) and his(her,its) qualities. Mixture of generosity and authority. In the political world - and in the daily life! - it sometimes leads(drives) to dictatorial attitudes in the name of an ideal. Force at all costs the road, impose without discussion its views(sights), all this is allowed because it is for the good cause! The way of life this stage depends, to a large extent, on motives which liven up(lead) the body and urge it to differ from the others, from reasons which incite him(it) to take the power by putting itself in the center of the scene(stage). It is the tremendous locomotive which can pull(entail) or crush(give up). To know more about it

Retour Index The moon: Satellite of the Earth, the Moon occupies a place(square) except for in the astrological system. It is all the matrices which protect the inside from the outside when this last one is considered dangerous for him(her,it)Body. But, contrary in her(it) Function(Office) "Saturn", that is not a stiff border, a mask of wisdom behind which the individual claims an autonomy. It is rather a question of transforming the impacts of the world outside as an interface would make him(it) which would make comparable what, A prioriIs not him(her,it). The function(office) "Moon" chews the difficulties exactly as the mixer "chews" the food for the child who still has no teeth, who is not still ready for the following stage: Mars. Yes Jupiter Assimilate the nonego the Moon cannot assimilate that what looks like him(her). If Jupiter "eats" the outside space, the Moon builds the internal space. The mother who protects her child of the wounds of the reality, at first in the stomach then in the cradle and the house, is representative of this function(office). When this last one is integrated(joined) the body becomes sensitive to the danger, that is to all which could destroy(annul) its integrity. It is a factor(mailman) of caution. On the psychological plan the imagination plays this role by creating an interface between me and the outside world in a way that I can get acquainted with the stranger. In the political arena this function(office) symbolizes all the "systems-mothers" which protect the still immature individuals against the risk: Social Security, churches, insurances, etc. The next stage, Mars, will stress on the contrary the sense(direction) of the fight, the taste for danger and the will to become more individual.

Retour Index Houses: With them Signs And PlanetsIt is about the third reference table which intervenes in the astrological system. There are twelve Houses. From the astronomical point of view, these are a division by twelve of the terrestrial sphere, so that the Influence (dédut of the first house) represents in the native theme the horizon is at the time of the birth, the Descendant (house VII) the horison West, the Environment(Middle) of the Sky (at the beginning of the tenth house) corresponds to the top and the Bottom of the Sky (house IV) in the nadir. It is enough to imagine the globe cut in "pieces of orange" to understand(include) the astronomical nature of Houses. There are however several systems of cutting(division). From an astrological point of view, Houses represent twelve fundamental places of experience(experiment) through which every individual, any project, everything BodyHas to pass to grow, grow in maturity, and finally, become more individual.

Retour Index Mars: Fourth Planet Of the solar system, she(it) symbolizes the capacity which has every Body To focus his(her,its) energy towards a purpose. In the universe-subject, it is called the "will" if the process is aware(conscious) and mastered, of the aggressiveness if it is not checked(controlled). In the world-object it signs all the transfers of energy within the body and between this one and the immediate environment. In a very general way this Function(Office) Allows to break with a former(ancient) situation by cutting the chemical, emotional, diplomatic links, which prevent the evolution. Here, ropes are released. On the biological plan it is about the transformation(processing) of the ATP ( adénosinetriphosphate ) in ADP ( adénosinediphosphate ) by break of a covalent connection rich in energy. The organ carrying out(achieving) the same function(office) is the muscle; the body focused on the development of his muscular mass and, psychologically, on the will to overcome(win), is called a sportsman. The company(society) built itself an army and a police to express its aggressiveness and contain that of the foreigner(foreign countries).

Retour Index Mercury: The first one(night) Planet Of the solar system, the closest of SunShe(It) symbolizes the wayBody Is connected in himself(itself) and in his(her,its) environment. But, paradoxically, " be connected " also mean "parting", establishing a distinction, a distance, between two different organizations. ThisFunction(Office) Recognizes the separation between the me and the nonego, between the inside and the outside, between inside and the outside. It is only on this condition that a real relation is set up because the exchange supposes to have something to exchange thus to be different from the other one. Contrary to the functions(offices)The moon Venus And Jupiter Which(Who) treat(handle) resemblances, Mercury, Mars AndSaturn Differences take care. The first three functions(offices) are "feminine", they assure(insure) the peace and the harmony between me and me (Moon), between me and the other (Venus), between me and the whole organization on which I depend (Jupiter); three last ones are "male", they allow the body to differ while participating in the life of the outside world by the exchange of his(its) production (Mercury), by the competition for her individual success (Mars) and by its resistance in the impermanence ( Saturn). Mercury, this principle of exchange of what we are or of what we have, will take, in the national field, the shape of the business. The individual will also exchange knowledges with his peers by means of diverse communications (gesture(movement), word, writing, multimedia). The cell(unit) exchanges chemical signals (ions, hormones, proteins) with its close circle of acquaintances as well as with the body where she lives. More generally Mercury represents all the regulation systems which allow the body to act as a unity(unit).To know more about it

Retour Index Neptune: It is one Function(Office) Of susceptibility and of inclusivité. Every time barriers collapse, every time the resemblances override the differences, every time there is osmosis, the signature of the function(office) "Neptune" appears. In the religious universe it is about the mystic which merges, annihilates his(her,its) ego, by anticipating ecstatic presence of his(her) God; in the universe of the chemical colouring agents the mixture of a red with a yellow produces an orangy colour: every colored entity loses its nature for the benefit of a new synthesis. In the political world it is not any more the individual differences which are highlighted (Uranus) But the municipality humanity of the Man and the unity(unit) of the proletarian class in the case of the socialism. This function(office), the man expresses him(it) preferentially on them Emotional plans AndSpiritualBecause of their nature not séparative. Emotion and spirituality look for the fusion(merger), respectively with the other one and with the divine. These two plans are thus particularly capable of expressing the function(office) of inclusivité which represents Neptune but they certainly have no monopoly of it! On him(it) Mental planFor example, "Neptune" gathers(combines) the concepts by means of the analogical thought while the formal logic which discriminates and separates is a signature of Uranus.

Retour Index Opposition: Aspect Of 180 ° ± 10 ° ofOrbe. Arrived so of the cyclic process the man cannot more than notice the failure(defeat) or the success of his projects. Ideally what was formerly a seed became a flower. This way the opposition marks a period of objectivity where we notice in that it measures the ideal of her(it) Conjunction Was able to take a concrete shape. In case of failure(defeat) there is divorce, conflict, between both Functions(Offices) (Planet) In cause: and so a project (conjunction) is imperceptibly transformed, until the opposition, into its opposite. Arrived so of the cyclic process it is not possible any more to dream about enchanted futures, and even fewer to build them. It is necessary to go towards a necessary integration of him(her,it)Body To his(her,its) environment, towards a division(sharing) of what is acquired, whoever is the state of completion. It is for that reason that, in the field of the History(Story), this period of opposition announces the beginning of a phase of institutionalization and location with regard to the other nations.

Retour Index Orbe: Zodiacal space on which we admit that one Aspect Is still effective. So, for example, one Square Possess 7 in 8 degrees of orbe. Consequently twoPlanets Placed between 82 ° and 98 ° one of the other one will be said " in square ". We admit 10 ° of orbe for him(her,it)Opposition ( 180 °) and Conjunction ( 0 °).

Retour Index Body / organization: The most general definition would be to write that a body is the fruit of a structuralization of the "material"("subject") available on one Plan Given. This structuralization confers him(her) a relative autonomy as far as he can grow and multiply, he nevertheless has to continue to exchange material(subject), energy and information with his environment. The body / the organization are islands in the middle of the ocean: dense, concrete places, susceptible to evolve and to be transformed, but which(who) ceaselessly need foods supplied by their environment. Generally the body indicates(appoints) a biological structure while the organization names(appoints) a social order. The ant is a body, the ant-hill is an organization. We do not make here difference because of the adopted point of view, that of him(her,it)Analogy. The same Functions(Offices) Are perceptible in the ant and the ant-hill.

Retour Index Plan: This word, it is necessary to specify it, we do not know if he(it) indicates(appoints) an objective reality or if he(it) is simply convenient to clean(clarify) our understanding of this reality. Every plan indicates(appoints) a quality of not miscible, but nevertheless interactive material(subject), with the other qualities of materials(subjects). Of the densest in the most subtle we distinguish the plans Physical appearance(Physics) Éthérique Emotional Mental And, possibly, Spiritual. These plans cost for the individuals, the nations and the humanity taken as a whole.

Physical plan Consists of dense, concrete, visible and tangible material(subject). In a general way the science of XIXE Century studied the nature of this physical world. At the individual, this plan will indicate(appoint) more specifically all the physical foods which it needs to feed its body of flesh, also the nation exchanges some material(subject) with its environment: import / export, agricultural production, mining extraction. The specific turnovers in this plan are territorial: dismemberments and assimilations, rewriting of the plan of the borders, the declarations of war and the peace treaties. The humanity taken as an everything exchanges some material(subject) with the biosphere, if only in the form of waste. But as long as this one will not be organized as a totality the overtaking of the ground borders, that is the conquest of the other planets, will be hardly possible.

Plan éthérique Indicate(Appoint) all the realized not material energy exchanges enterBody And his(her,its) environment. Feeling Between two persons, the "things in common" which weld a group or partners express well enough this type(chap) of relation. The exchanges of money(silver), more and more immaterial, also symbolize " flow({" flows) éthériques " between individuals and nations. The migratory flows, although materials(equipments), also establish(constitute) exchanges of information, cultures, lifestyles, between nations.

Emotional plan Indicate(Appoint) all the emotional foods among which individuals, nations and humanity need to achieve a feeling of plenitude. The absence of this "emotional" plenitude often leads(drives) to a search(research) for compensation under the shape of a physical plenitude, that of the "height" of the stomach in the individual case, that of the consumption and the wasting in the case of a nation without forgetting that of the "complaint", the recrimination, on him(it) Mental plan ! The child, then the adult, need caresses, to feel liked, to see itself recognized, to participate in the life of most Great Whole (here the social group and the nation). The person so builds himself a value system which brings to him(her) or not feelings of serenity, satisfaction, well-being, optimism, faith. At the level of the nation these values are conveyed by the national culture, the religion, the art, the lifestyle, the politeness. By the mediation of all these means people have the feeling to participate in a life vaster than that of their young I, to be gathered(combined), reassured(secured) thus. The essential collection(quest) is the one of the voucher.

Mental plan Indicate(Appoint) all the intellectual foods among whichBody And\or the organization has at some point its history(story). At the individual it expresses itself by the need to learn(teach), its taste for the reading and the questioning. The nation compensates for this need by creating universities, colloquiums, by insisting on its " intellectual brilliance(radiation) " abroad. The essential collection(quest) is the one of the truth. Philosophy and science are today the privileged vehicles there.

Spiritual "plan"With quotation marks because he(it) is not certain that it is about the only one Plan. He(it) indicates(appoints) all the impulses which expresses everything BodyTo go towards an overtaking of its condition. It is, at the Man, about this " instinct of transcendence " about whom(which) spoke Jung, of this impulse which pushes him(it) towards what he(it) considers as a perfection. Also every nation will try to become "more": richer if this instinct touches Physical planStronger militarily if he(it) contacts Plan éthériqueMore radiant culturally and intellectually if he(it) shows itself via the plans Emotional AndMental. All these forms hide at the bottom(in fact) the same desire, that of one to be more.

Retour Index Planets: Physically, it is about balls of material(subject) in orbit around the Sun. Symbolically, they represent Functions(Offices) Indispensable to the smooth running of one Body. In the astrological system they are spotted(located) by their geocentric longitude (seen since the Earth), being very close to the ecliptic we do not generally take into account their celestial latitude. By misuse of language Sun And The moon Are sometimes qualified as "planets", while the terminology Astrological Exact consider them as "lamps". There is no influence of the planets on the human, individual and collective life. They are simple "signposts"("road signs"), landmarks for a mapping(cartography) of the universe of the sense(direction). To know more about it

Retour Index Pluto: The power of the information. These terms obviously are to be re-situated in the field of organization Which(Who) worries the thinker. In the biological universe this Function(Office) Will be carried out(achieved) by the nucleus(kernel) of the cell(unit) which codes the information necessary for its construction and for its survival; in the field of politics(policy) they will be all the systems of strategic information (secret services, spy satellites, etc.) considered indispensable to the forecast on the long term and to the defense of the nation; in the internal worlds Pluto symbolizes the power of metamorphosis continuation(suite), for example, in a talking cure which brings the patient to contact an essential information in its personal fulfillment. Finally, in the mythological universe, the function(office) "Pluto" is admirably put in image in the myth of FaustThis myth which haunts the western spirit since its appearance at the end of XVE Century. " The information " with which the function(office) " plutonienne " deals has nothing common with a simple academic knowledge. It is, literally, a vital information capable of transforming or of destroying(annulling) The body / the organization Which is the seat(siege).

Retour Index Fishes: Twelfth and last Sign of the zodiacTwelfth and last phase of one Cycle. If the opposite sign, Virgin(Virgo)Tried to create a perfect shape, a body exactly adapted to the nature of the strength which livened up(led) him(it), the phase Fishes stresses on the contrary the dissolution of all the forms, all the structures, all the limitations. Only the infinity gets its glance. The Virgin(Virgo) locked formerly the idea into a grammar, Fishes abandon(give up) the lexical shape to seize directly the sense(direction) with it. Ideally he(it) does not give up the shape but acquires enough flexibility to take them all according to the needs of moment. The theories, the dogmae, the faiths, the knowledges, relax and put in perspective, lose of their importance. Here is born either the confusion, or the prophetic vision of future. Between Everything and Nothing, between God and the Nothingness oscillateBody. In the field of the spirituality it will be the mystic which, releasing itself from theological forms, long to experiment directly the sense(direction) of the Presence, making it he risks to be allowed néantiser by his God. In the History(Story) this phase is the one of the disorganization of the empires, some will be reborn freed(cleared) of the old forms of organization and the other habits become obsolete, the others will die definitively. In physical appearance(physics) the really new order, the one who is not a simple rearrangement of the known, arises from the chaos. To know more about it

Retour Index Quality: Term often used(employed) on the expression " quality of energy " (see also Inergie). It is up to the world of the value, but without judgment(sentence). A blue, a green, a red, express respectively qualities of cold, peace, anger. The judgment(sentence) comes then, it results from an adequacy - or of an inadequacy - between the needs of him(her,it)Body And the quality presents in its environment. If a need exists the quality will be considered as "maid", if there is inadequacy or the same contradiction with the needs of the body then it will be put in the category of the "bad". To develop a theory of the qualities supposes to cut itself from these value judgments useful for the body which asserts them but cumbersome to understand(include) the functioning of the world of Sense(Direction). Let us underline nevertheless the subjective aspect of the qualities: the peace, the cold, the anger, the desire to gather(collect) or to separate, the will for power, etc. are perceptible only in the interiority of the subject. No means to express them objectively: the thermometer measures the heat but does not express the warmth. The expression " quality of energy " implies that these qualities are endowed with dynamism, that they evolve and are transformed following the example of all the natural phenomena.

Retour Index Degradation: One Planet Is reactionary when his(her,its) visible movement goes to the inverse sense(direction) of Signs of the zodiac (Clockwise). It is about an optical illusion bound(connected) to our position of ground observer there. In itself, never planets slow down, stop(arrest) and invert their movement. The same illusion appears when a traveler comfortably sat(based) in a train in movement exceeds another train which goes less faster than him: from the point of view of the traveler this second train seems to put off(move back), from the point of view of the railroad employee who roams along rails both vehicles go nevertheless imperturbably in the same direction(management)! The phenomenon of degradation of planets recovers exactly from the same illusion: when these, seen since the Earth, are aligned with regard toSun (Conjunction Or Opposition) The difference of speed between both planets gives the impression(printing) that one of her demotes. In that case AspectsTrained(Formed) between these planets reproduce three times during a brief period of time(weather). It is what what explains why certain dates are not "precise" and spread out over one-three years. In reality this lapse of time includes three successive repetitions(rehearsals) of the same aspect.

Retour Index Sagittarius: Ninth Sign of the zodiacNinth phase of one Cycle. Phase of expansion on all Plans. On him(it) Physical plan With the installation of him(her,it)Body ( Individual, nation, company, etc.) in new territories; on him(it) Emotional plan He(It) tends to it in the proselytism and in the faith excessively by wanting to make share to the others his(its) vision of the world. The imperialism was born in these waters. On him(it) Mental planFinally, the desire to convince and the sense(direction) of the argumentation risk to lock individuals and nations into ideological corpuses, into " systems of the world " without outcome(exit) so they are locked by their internal coherence. The essential question which puts this zodiacal stage is the one of Sense(Direction) : Towards where all our efforts do go? Work together and unite his(her,its) strengths (Scorpio) It's good, but in what purpose? Towards what objective? Is the objective as high as the means? What is the myth of the Man this myth which underlies and proves the life together? In reality, in phase Sagittarius, these questions, the body them does not settle(arise): enthusiastically and enterprising mind he(it) contents with bringing it answers!To know more about it

Retour Index Saturn: It is one Function(Office) Of limitation and structuralization. "To limit" gives a precise shape and assures(insures) the perpetuity of him(her,it)Body And\or of the organization. When Charlemagne created "walking"("marches") in the borders of his empire to contain the ardour of the Barbarians he(it) used this "saturnine" function(office) of limitation, gave a stable and precise shape to the frank kingdom and, at the same time, assured(insured) him(her) his(its) safety(security). The white line which indicates to the motorists the ban to double fills(performs) exactly the same function(office): she(it) defines a territory (run(drive) to the right) and protect from possible dangers (accidents). The law has a similar role in the social life, the logic has the same role in the field of the mathematics, the frame(executive) - as its name indicates it - in the life of his(her) company, etc.

Retour Index Scorpio: Eighth Sign of the zodiacEighth phase of one Cycle. It is a period of fight where the hour came to recognize, to thwart better their occult role, the dark forces which prevent the pursuit(continuation) of the process of evolution. These "dark forces" are trained(formed) by myriads of refusal, of fears, expulsions, disappointments, hatreds. In brief! There accumulate the failures(chess) accumulated on the occasion of the previous seven stages. SometimesBody Is allowed trap by these shadows, he becomes a destroyer or an autodestroyer or the same scapegoat, the victim of the devils whom he did not know how to face, tame then lead(drive) slowly towards the light of the consciousness. Other times, he(it) transforms them to enrich of so much the social fabric calcified in the previous stage, that of the culture and the maid manners emptied of the vivifying power of the desire. In the wheel of the zodiac the Scorpio is set against the sign of TaurusHe(It) will thus tend to defend(forbid) opposite and complementary(additional) values: the strength of mind Versus The physical strength, the detachment Versus The attachment, the destruction Versus The construction, the permanent crisis Versus The permanent stability, etc. In the political world this phase is filled with crises, with deaths in the former(ancient) faiths, with treasons and with deceits. But it is the visible face of the iceberg of our disappointments there. Profoundly, this period regenerates the social fabric and the lifestyles by bringing to light all which, previously, for reasons of social peace or by simple carelessness(negligence), was untold. Libra ( Previous sign) it was a question of meeting the other one to cooperate with him by means of the dialogue. In Scorpio the hour came to make an additional step towards the meeting of this "other one" in a link(merger) of bodies éthériques and emotional. The individual experiments him(it) in first leader in the sexuality, the nations by exchanging financial flows, even by adopting a common currency(change). For the first time is born the possibility of uniting its strengths to build better futures. This big task will fall naturally to the following phase, Sagittarius.To know more about it

Retour Index Sense(Direction): There are at least three manners today to understand(include) the sense(direction) of the sense(direction).

1 - The vision materialist postulates(applies) that the sense(direction) is a volatile additional effect and without consistency produces by the biochemistry of the brain.

2 - The vision of the state-of-the-art contemporary science postulates(applies) that the sense(direction) is a property of the universe appearing during its evolution. The inorganic material(subject) got organized in living matter, the following stage is the emergence of a sense(direction) that formulate the brain and the language(tongue) of the man.

3 - The third hypothesis is represented by the idealistic theses: there is, overlapping and interacting with the world of the phenomena, a transcending sense(direction) independent from some organic and inorganic matter

Today it is scientifically impossible to cut between these three hypotheses which are not inevitably contradictory, moreover. The present astrological model of the History(Story) decodes a geography of the sense(direction), it is naturally about the one who is postulated(applied) either by second or by the third proposition.

Let us add that the astrological reading supposes a fractale structure of the sense(direction). No matter thatEvent Or "main part" or "insignificant" - It is the question of appreciation that does not enter within the framework of a reflection on the sense(direction)-, no matter that he(it) extends over time or makes off in a fraction of a second. About either the scale(ladder) of expression of an event and about or the scale(ladder) of importance attributed(awarded) by an observer to this event the same significant rhythms are for the work all the time of time(weather).

Retour Index Signs of the zodiac: The zodiac is a division in twelve equal parts(parties) of the space crossed(gone through) by the Earth in its annual revolution around Sun. Each of these parts(parties) is indicated(appointed) as being a "sign". The signs are symbols. The beginning of the zodiac begins every year with the spring equinox, in the vernal point, there where the ecliptic cuts the celestial equator. You should not confuse(merge) the signs of the zodiac with the constellations of the same name: the sign of the Aries has nothing common with the constellation of the Aries. The signs, we said it, indicate(appoint) the position of the Earth in its revolution around the Sun while the constellations indicate(appoint) "fixed" stars (they move of 1 ° every 72 years) situated just behind the ecliptic (the trajectory is similar of the Sun). The sign of the Aries is a portion of space of 30 ° of bow(arc) situated between the Earth and the Sun, the constellation of the Aries is represented by three small stars arranged in triangle, stars situated very far outside the solar system. The etymology confirms this reading: zodiac comes of Zoe-dia-eikon" The life by the image " where " the image of the life ". By substituting " Eikon " By his(its) equivalent "gram" it gives(looks) "Zoe-diagramme"The " plan of the life ". Consequently the "zodiac" indicates(appoints) a plan to twelve compartments. We named(appointed) the constellations according to the names of the signs and not the opposite.

The wheel of the zodiac, as SymbolExpress of Sense(Direction). A sense(direction) which appears there AriesStage by stage, step by step develops, - there is 12 there - until his(her,its) universalization and\or its dissolution Fishes.To know about it More

Retour Index Meaning : See "Sense(Direction)".

Retour Index Sun: Star situated approximately in the center of the solar system. Around her move all the planets. Only Function(Office) Which(Who) does not depend on the Other one to exist, she(it) defines itself by auto-reference: it is the pure being. She(it) represents a function(office) of synthesis which gathers(collects) in a unity(unit) the set(group) of him(her,it)Body. To know more about it

Retour Index Symbol: A symbol always says the other thing(matter) than what it is. It is about a shape (object, drawing, image, sound, color, flavor(perfume), movement) capable of passing on of the sense(direction). We can discuss to know if the sense(direction) is magisterially awarded to the shape or if the shape conveys itself a transcendent sense(direction). It will depend on our way of conceiving Sense(Direction) of the sense(direction). In the hypothesis of a transcendent sense(direction), the symbols are tracks left in the physical material(subject) by archetypes. They sign their passage or their presence in three physical, emotional and mental worlds. Planets And Signs of the zodiac Symbols are, consequently they express of the sense(direction) on them Plans Physical appearance(Physics) (Action)((Share)), Emotional (sentimental) and Mental (intellect).

Retour Index Taurus: The second Sign of the zodiacAssist stage of one Cycle. Period of implanting and realism. The intuitions and the desires been born in the previous sign ( Aries) Take shape. Individuals and nations need to feel owners to feel being where from the importance of the material values, the production and the "common sense" in this stage of evolution. The mercenary attitude, which posts(shows) as objective the national enrichment, is a symbolic economic doctrine of this sign. No whim nor of idealism, which often rhymes with lack of realism, but the profound satisfaction to produce of useful accompanied of the sense(direction) of the well done work. This attitude comes along with a spontaneous respect for the nature (ecology) because it is about the first production tool there. To know more about it

Retour Index Uranus: It is one Function(Office) Of revolt, dissatisfaction, crack of barriers. In a caricatural way we could assimilate him(it) to one " anti-Saturn", but it would there be to darken the main part, namely its prométhéenne nature. Any raid of the new in a biological system or within a human organization signs the presence of the function(office) "Uranus". An invention in the field of the knowledge, a revolution in the political arena, a revolt in the individual field, a flash of lighting at night: all this give the opportunity to change diet(regime), to pass of a former(ancient) order towards a new organization. The liberalism as model of company(society) corresponds well enough to this symbolism: valuation of the creativity, the worship(cult) of the new, the ideology of the progress, the individualism, the refusal(discharge) of the traditional models, the ceaseless need of change sometimes confused(merged) with "evolution", freedom to begin(undertake) but also séparativité, individualism and increasing exclusion from a part(party) of the population. All this recover from the same function(office) which conjugates the immediate future rather to all the others time(weather). To know more about it

Retour Index Venus: Second Planet Of the solar system, Venus has for Function(Office) To attract(entice) towards him(her,it)Body What looks like him(her). We enter here the vast domain of the elective affinities. On the physical and psychic plans it is about the magnetism. It is curious to see in which point the popular language made of him(her,it)Analogy Without knowing it: if the electromagnetism and the charm have no report(relationship) in terms of mechanisms, they carry out(achieve) the same function(office) in terms of returned service: attract(entice) towards the body what is absent in himself(itself) while selecting what looks like him(her). The psychology will speak about projection while the individual will be in a loving state. To create and to maintain the harmony is doubtless the most fundamental fulfillment of this function(office). A harmony in the mathematical or musical sense(direction) of the term, in the sense(direction) of " relations existing between the diverse parts(parties) of a whole and which make that these parts(parties) contribute(compete) to the same effect of set(group) " (Small Robert). "Harmony" belongs to the family of "art", stemming from the Indo-European root Are Which(Who) means "adapting", "adjusting". To do it the company(society) creates embassies to exchange cultural and diplomatic values with the foreigner(foreign countries); the individual is attentive to the aesthetics of the garment, this factor(mailman) which signs the adaptation of the being to the social life; the nation favors the hatching of the arts. To integrate(join) the function(office) "Venus" means that the body expresses values which are, for him, guarantors for a harmony between its parts(parties), that he knows how to say " I like(love) " or " I do not like(love) " according to his(her,its) needs. To throw(plan) Venus what means conforming to the sociocultural standards of his(her,its) time(period), liking(loving) naturally what likes his(her) community.

Retour Index Aquarius: Eleventh Sign of the zodiacEleventh phase of one Cycle. Period of revival which shakes the certainties acquired in the previous sign (Capricorn). Here outdo(subsidize) the values of freedom, individual - both in his positive connotation " of individuation " and in its more restricted sense(direction) " individualism ", of independence, nonconformism and, especially, equality accompanied with social justice. Any constraint has the gift(donation) to arouse a profound feeling of revolt. The cycle, which account twelve phases, soon ends: the urgency to announce the future and to prepare the future - and this future not maybe that a New World, that a more brotherly way of conceiving the social reports(connections) - becomes extremely anticipates. Only the future and the universals get the attention of him(her,it)Body Arrived at this period of its evolution. Whom(that) will be tomorrow? That tomorrow or already there!

In a world where the progress is above all scientific, the Aquarius looks for new theoretical models capable of clarifying the universe. Since the training(formation) of stars until the psychology by way of the economy, he(it) is interested in everything if it gives him(her) some material(subject) for its favorite activity: the construction of models in one goes and comes ceaseless between different fields of coherence. During this phase the body learns to release itself from past, to reject the old values, a necessary but maintaining time(weather) become the obstacles. Then, with the eyes of his contemporaries, he becomes a prophet. Nevertheless, himself(itself) is too independent to recognize as such.

In the political world the hour is for the revolt, except when the democracy recognizes to each its citizen's quality. To know more about it

Retour IndexVirgin(Virgo): Sixth Sign of the zodiacThe sixth phase of one Cycle. Fundamentally this phase tries to put the shape in adequacy with the nature of the strength. Such an adequacy is carried out(achieved) when all the impurities which prevented from reaching(affecting) the optimal return are eliminated. The door opens only when the lock and the key complement each other perfectly, when when the shape and the strength do not make more than one. This metaphor borrowed(taken) from the art of the locksmithery with value of master plan on the other levels ofOrganization And the various Plans. On him(it) Spiritual plan The phase Virgin(Virgo) is a state of purity to be conquered in the interiority of itself because the Presence can come down(fall) only in a blank(virgin) place, otherwise the personality would color the Spirit of her desires, her fantasies, or her will to be able to. On him(it) Mental planThere is search(research) for the right word in adequacy with the idea to express, a concern(marigold) of the grammar and the spelling, a logical thought which leaves no place(square) with the interpretation(performance). On him(it) Emotional plan There is search(research) for purity in the emotional expression, ideally adequacy completed between what we feel(smell) and what we express; on him(it) Physical plan Purity means cleanliness, but also economy. The economy is a big natural law common to all the physical phenomena, she assures(insures) the body a maximum of results(profits) for a minimum of efforts. The functioning in tense flow of the companies which reduce their stock to zero answers this symbolism: it is possible only when the shape (the organization of the company) is perfectly adapted in his(her,its) Function(Office) ( Produce such manufactured object). In the artistic world this phase Virgin(Virgo) is well enough expressed by him(it) Design Which(Who) elaborates objects at once(at the same time) aesthetic and functional. Once more the shape and Sense(Direction) Meet to produce a reality considered perfect. This sixth period of any cycle announces the end of the process of individual fulfillment of the body. Arrived at the perfection of himself(itself), or extremely aware(conscious) of all its imperfections - The one precedes naturally the other one-, he(it) is now going to meet the nonego, the outside world, either as a universe-object which it was necessary to master or whose traps it was necessary to avoid, but as a universe-subject filled with the others Bodies Which(Who), as him, achieved a relative degree of maturity. This new sense(direction), that of the relation of subject on subject, it will be for the following sign, LibraTo investigate him(it). To know more about it

Retour Index Zodiac: Signs of the zodiac

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