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Quite as last year, I shall have the pleasure to participate in the Celtic market of Paimpont on the occasion of the Tartan Day which will consider 6 and 7 in April next ones.

If you are in the area, do not hesitate to come. I shall be with a loom in demonstration with of course a current Breton tartan.

Tartan day 2013

To complete the family, new tartans were put down by R. Duclos which introduced these motives but also by others who so contribute to develop the range of tartans.

In here are some...

The BRO LEAD ARE: the Mounts of Arrée

bro menez are

The BRO VIGOUDEN: country Bigouden headdress

bro vigoudenn

Glaz: green and blue, in Breton the same word indicates 2 colors.


Knights Breton


And a tartan created by Valérie Perreaut for the city of Dinard


And there is others.

See you soon with an index card to be embroidered, I work on it...

By Tartans and Cie-PPublished in:Tissage -Community:Bonjour of Brittany
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  • : Breton Tartans and of the World
  • : 25/03/2008
  • : Creation of embroidery with counted points and other points on the themes of Brittany and wealth of Scottish fabrics. Celtic motives in cross stitches. Weaving with hands of products in linen Breton and Scottish tartans, wool or cotton. Weaving in the demand.
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